The word demonology comes from the Greek word ‘daimon’ meaning spirit or God.

Demonology studies the nature, characteristics, and activities of demons, as well as the methods used to summon and control them.

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by demonic forces and the supernatural.

Learning about demonology can help us understand our deepest fears, beliefs, and the unknown realms beyond our world.

A practitioner of demonology is known as a demonologist.

This article provides a beginner’s guide to demonology and examines the 11 best books on demonology.

Whether you want an overview of demonic lore throughout history or specific rituals for summoning spirits, these books deliver occult knowledge.

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Best books on Demonology you should read

A Brief History of Demonology

  • Demons appear in early religious texts like the Bible, Torah, and Quran as fallen angels or evil spirits that tempt humans. Their origins trace back thousands of years.
  • During the medieval and Renaissance periods, fixation on demons intensified, often linked to witch hunts and the Inquisition.
  • Prominent grimoires (magic texts) like The Lesser Key of Solomon provided rituals for conjuring demons. These dangerous works were banned by religious authorities.
  • Today, demonology continues to fascinate occult practitioners, horror fans, and academics studying ancient belief systems and folklore.

Understanding demonology gives insight into the human experience.

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List of Best Books on Demonology

These are must read books for all who are looking to know more about demons, their world and their activities. These books are my favorites.

1. The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren

by Gerald Brittle

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The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren by Gerald Brittle

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The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren by Gerald Brittle — Ed and Lorraine Warren, were paranormal investigators and demonologists who later became famous for their involvement in a series of high-profile cases.

In 1971, they founded The New England Society for Psychic Research, which is based in Connecticut. Over the course of more than four decades, they investigated countless paranormal cases and wrote numerous books about their findings—including The Demonologist, published in 1990; it was turned into a horror film that same year.

In 2004, Ed died from heart failure at age 73. Lorraine is 92 years old and still continues to work with clients as a spiritual counselor who helps with everything from grief issues to hauntings.

Spirit: (spina), A supernatural, incorporeal, rational being or personality, usually regarded as imperceptible at ordinary times to the human senses, but capable of becoming visible at pleasure, and frequently conceived as troublesome, terrifying, or hostile to mankind.

The Oxford English Dictionary
Best books on Demonology you should read
“We work with any clergy of any religion that teaches love of God and love of your fellow man. We work with all people of all faiths.” – Ed Warren

You may be wrong if you believe ghosts only cause hauntings. This New York Times Bestseller reveals the dark religious process that underlies supernatural events, and how you can be affected.

This book is a must-read for seminaries and classrooms. Ed and Loraine Warren are America’s leading experts in demonology and exorcism for more than five decades. They have thousands of investigations under their belts and can reveal the truth about haunted homes. Chapters include Annabelle, and The Enfield Poltergeist.

The Warrens are featured in the hit movie ‘The Conjuring,’ as well as the film ‘The Conjuring : The Devil Made me Do It’ which will be in theaters June 2021.

The Demonologist
Ed and Lorraine Warren founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost hunting group in New England

What is in this book is information that goes far beyond the ghost story, and beyond the perils of the poltergeist, to another dimension that is further back and into a realm of evil and terror that is not just actual, its operations are literally unimaginable.

What is certain however is that everything that is presented within this publication is factual. These are actual instances that took place to real people and, with the exception of some minor instances, the events occurred in the middle or the late 1970s.

A great deal of care has been taken to select only the cases from the Warrens archives which were witnessed by clergymen who were ordained and exorcists or, in instances, when the witnesses were reliable and trustworthy and their remarks were recorded clearly on tape.

It is also important to emphasize that there isn’t any excessive or overt description of the phenomenon within this volume.

However, it’s more than the cases, nor the mind-reeling phenomenon, nor even the transcriptions of voices from the spirit world that are important here. Other instances could have been used.

Others, even more horrifying incidents could have been brought to light. What causes a heart to pound can be the meaning of the things Ed as well as Lorraine Warren have to say. There aren’t any more credible voices on the subject of supernatural phenomena and spirits.

The Warrens have dedicated their lives to studying of teaching, research, and study of spirits: their experiences have been verified and documented by doctors, priests, rabbis psychics, mediums, police and renowned experts in the field of psychic research.

The authors of this work Ed as well as Lorraine Warren openly and candidly uncover the amazing secrets of what causes the peace of haunted homes. They pinpoint the kind of spirit which imposes possession on humans; and they identify the poltergeist as what it does.

The mystical concepts revealed by the Warrens during the explanations they provide have been thoroughly examined for proof and, based on reliable theological and academic sources on demonology and exorcism they are right.

When taken in all its entirety the information that the Warrens have put forth challenges our notions of life, death and the place of man on this planet.

But, the reader must be reminded that very rarely external forces forcefully or directly interfere in the lives of people.

Humanity is capable of generating his own monsters and triumphs and it’s unwise to attribute blame to natural forces when the actual blame is usually in our own lives.

So, it is not to be believed that the patterns and disturbances discussed in these pages occur at every corner. The Warrens analysis and explanations are only applicable to the cases in which the phenomenon actually been observed, and the source of the problem is identified as being preternatural in its origin.

Due to the possibility of dangers when creating an exact replica of a particular event or incident, the dialogues in certain chapters are essentially recreations of the dialogue in the manner that Ed as well as Lorraine Warren recall the event as evidenced by first-person accounts by witnesses, or recordings that the Warrens took at the scene as events were happening.

Names, addresses, location as well as other identifying information are altered, if required, to ensure the identity of the people who were either witnesses or victims of the phenomenon.

  1. Beyond Amityville
  2. Art and Apparitions
  3. Annabelle
  4. Unnatural Phenomena
  5. A Conjuring Book for Christmas
  6. Of Unworldly Origin
  7. Infestation: The Process Begins
  8. Oppression: The Strategy Revealed
  9. A Family Under Attack to. Deliverance it. A Servant of Lucifer
  10. The Entity Returns
  11. A Soul in Hostage
  12. The Enfield Voices
  13. One More Question

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2. Demonology the Devil and the Spirits of Darkness

by Michael Freze

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Demonology the Devil and the Spirits of Darkness by Michael Freze

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Demonology the Devil and the Spirits of Darkness by Michael Freze — Nationally-published bestseller! This is one of the most important scholarly works in demonology and demonology that has been published in many decades. It is a classic!

The author has been featured on many national television programs, including The History Channel, The Phil Donahue Show and Leeza.

He also appeared on the EWTN network (Mother Angelica Live!).

Bestseller of They Bore the Wounds of Christ, The Mystery of the Sacred Stigmata.

This book received high praise. Michael Freze, has previously published seven books in traditional print on Bible topics and other supernatural phenomena.

This includes the history of demonology and the spiritual warfare, possession, exorcism and possession, the Roman Ritual and a huge demonology dictionary.

This book also covers other topics such as the Inquisition, the teachings of mystics and saints, the teachings of Church Fathers, the teachings of the mystics; the Inquisition, the characteristics of evil spirit; involvement of bad spirits in the human realm; the occult; Satanism; the witchcraft; Satanism and poltergeist phenomena; and the Ouija board.

Since the dawn of time, believers in the existence and power of the devil have fascinated, mystified and terrorized the faithful. Although it is often called a morbid curiosity, very little information is available about the world demonology other than the material collected by those who devote themselves to this branch of spiritual theology. This includes priests, nuns and theologians as well as mystics, saints and Doctors of The Church.

Many people have experienced the realities of the spirits of dark through their own experiences: exorcists and assistants from the church, victims of paranormal phenomena, or first-hand witnesses.

What is demonology exactly? What makes this term different from other Christian faith studies?

It is not a practice that involves conjuring spirit, telecommunications and mental telepathy, psychic phenomena, seances and the like. Paranormal psychology is a scientific discipline that studies demonology in modern investigations. However, these phenomena are not covered by other disciplines. This work will discuss parapsychology in all its aspects and more detail later.

Parapsychology is a field to be respected. It is therefore important to examine all possible causes that could be natural or reasonable for actions, which are often mistakenly attributed to the devil.

It is important to remember that, although parapsychology and other related fields are taken seriously, it is not recommended to study the occult just for curiosity. For all students who are serious about demonology and all its ramifications, this must be remembered.

Multidisciplinary approaches are required to observe, study and think frequently. Sometimes, it is necessary to perform experiments in the presence of experts in order for you to determine a reasonable cause and effect.

It is dangerous to try to communicate with spirit beings or to interact with unknown forces.

I would like to make it clear: These things should not be done out of morbid curiosity. This work should be left to experts who have been commissioned by the Church authorities. This advice should not be ignored. It could lead to danger.

Demonology can be described as a theological discipline that studies all phenomena related to evil spirits, including their creation, essence, substance and interaction with the cosmic world. A demonologist studies the roles and types of evil spirits and their intelligence, power, will, and interaction with humans. The cosmic battle between the forces good and evil is what a demonologist studies. This includes the role of Michael, the Antichrist and the role of Satan.

This discipline examines both preventive measures that can be used to protect against the spirits of dark, and the treatment for those who are already being attacked by the evil spirit. Demonology also addresses various signs and levels of diabolical interaction: temptation, infiltration and obsession; deliverance prayer, ministry; informal exorcism and so on.

The discipline of spiritual theology can be considered demonology. This field should not be confused or confused with angelology. Angelology is the study of the heavenly angels (the archangels and choirs of angels), guardian angels, etc. Both disciplines require a deep understanding of angelic creatures. However, each discipline has a primary focus that is distinct.

Spiritual theology encompasses many specialized disciplines, including demonology and angelology, prayer, spiritual direction and aesthetics, to name a few. Many consider moral theology a sub-branch in spiritual theology.

Even though demonology has roots that predate Christianity, the current century has seen a revival in interest in this fascinating topic. The 20th century, in particular the period between the 1970s and today, has seen a revival of interest that is unprecedented since the Middle Ages. People find the cases of exorcism and possession particularly fascinating.

While diabolic possession is a rare phenomenon, it has been closely studied by the Catholic Church. Individuals are not immune to the infiltrations and diabolical temptations that plague their lives.

Ancient Beliefs and Practices (Legends Myths, and Superstitions)
Primitive Cases of Possession
The Ancient Practice of Exorcism
The Mystery Cults and Religions
The Sacred Scriptures
Evil Spirits in the Old Testament
Evil Spirits in the New Testament
Christ and the Cosmic Battle Satan and the Blessed Virgin Mary
The Antichrist


Teachings of the Church Fathers
The Magisterium
Angelic Protection Attacks on Humanity
Belief in Evil Spirits
Christ and the Devil
Constant Alert
Diabolical Deception
Fall of Satan
Guardian Angel
Human Sin
Imitation of Christ
Jesus and Mary
The Modern Era
The Power of Prayer
The Saints
Spiritual Perfection


Magic Circles
Amulets and Talismans
Pacts With the Devil
The Sabbat
The Black Mass
Devil’s Mark
The Inquisition
Methods of Torture
The Occult: Present and Future


The Reality of the Devil
The Fall of Satan
Demonic Spirits
Names of the Evil Spirit
Devils and Demons
Characteristics of Inhuman Spirits
Intelligence of the Evil Spirit
Powers of the Evil Spirit
Hatred of Humanity


Multitudes and Diversity
Views of Demonologists
Demonic Hierarchy
Demons of Accusation
Demons of Condemnation
Demons of Deafness
Demons of Epilepsy
Demons of Oppression
Demons of Possession
Demons of Pride
Demons of Temptation
Demons of War and Destruction
Demons Who Perform
Demons Who Encourage Sin
Individual Demons Versus Legions
Quarrelsome Spirits
Sacrifice to Demons
Spirits of Anger
Spirits of Betrayal
Spirits of Confusion
Spirits of Deception
Spirits of Destruction
Spirits of Frustration
Spirits of Greed
Spirits of Jealousy
Spirits of Lust
Spirits of Lying
Spirits of Seduction
Spirits of Wickedness
Spirits Who Deceive Nations
Worship of Demons


Poltergeist Phenomena
Phantasms and Illusions
Diabolical Voices
Diabolical Apparitions


Temptation: A Necessary Evil
The Example of the Saints
The Example of Christ


Infiltration: Breakdown of the Will
The Open Door


Demonic Attack
Partial Possession
Perfect Possession
Signs of Authentic Possession
Cases of Diabolical Possession


Catholic Exorcism: A Brief Background
Private Exorcism
Deliverance Prayer
Solemn Exorcism
The Confrontation Processes of Possession
The Presence
The Pretense
The Breakpoint
The Voice
The Clash
The Exorcist
Investigative Procedures
Signs of Possession
Medical Evaluation



Preliminary Considerations for the Exorcist
Preparation for Solemn Exorcism
The Prayer of Michael the Archangel


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3. Demonology 101: Demons, Spiritual Warfare, and Self Deliverance Prayers

by Daniel C. Okpara

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Demonology 101: Demons, Spiritual Warfare, and Self Deliverance Prayers by Daniel C. Okpara

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Demonology 101: Demons, Spiritual Warfare, and Self Deliverance Prayers by Daniel C. Okpara — Daniel Chika Okpara, a prominent voice in modern Christian ministry, is a key figure. His mission is to improve lives through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, with signs and wonders.

His books are highly sought after by prayer groups, Bible studies, personal devotions, and as a leading Christian author and teacher. His books and manuals have been translated into over 50 languages. Many of these books are now international bestsellers.

Christians can choose to believe in demons or not. The first extreme is to believe that demons are not real or have no power. The second extreme is to believe too much in them, and attribute every problem in your life to them.

This book offers the balance required to overcome demons and live a victorious lifestyle.

This Bible study will teach you about demons and their origins.

Demons can be real and can cause serious problems, but we don’t need to fear them. God has placed us in a higher position of authority than them.

Learn the meanings of demonic possession, demonic oppression and how they differ. This course will teach you how to recognize and distinguish between demonic possession and demonic oppression.

This book will also equip you with the truths, scriptures and prayers to cast away demons and receive personal deliverance.

We are currently engaged in constant warfare according to the Bible. Demonic powers aren’t dead yet. They are still alive and battling with faith and our lives in many ways. It is a complete ignorance to ignore their existence and assume that they don’t have any power. This is one of the things that the devil is very happy about. Some demons can be seen, heard, and even smell them. It’s all demons, nothing else. They believe all of their problems are caused by demons.

They spend hours casting and binding demons, chasing after one delivery or another, and they never seem to get it. They believe that they are under a curse or are being pursued by witches and make themselves prayer projects.

This is the wrong approach to demons. There needs to be a balance between the extremes.

Demons are real beings and can cause havoc.

They are not fictions of our imaginations. They are real and evil creatures that cause problems, hindrances, crisis, according to the Bible. They are more than what we think and wish for with positive, motivational thoughts. Not at all.

It is important to be able to recognize their projections and attacks, and to rebuke them. We are not to be demon hunters as believers. This is an emotional lifestyle that celebrates demons’ activities more than God’s.

It involves spending more time talking about demons than God. We must recognize and repudiate demonic activities and stand in God’s Word to rebuke them, expel them and receive deliverance in Christ. We must not assume all our problems are demons. We are not to be afraid of demons because God has placed us in a higher position of power than them.

God has given us the power to defeat them. These answers and teachings will bring you blessings. They will also empower you to resist demonic forces in your family and life, and allow for deliverance and breakthrough.

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4. The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned

by M. Belanger

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The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned by M. Belanger

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The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned by M. Belanger — With over 200 new entries, the updated and extended second edition of one the most important works on demonology now is available as a paperback.

Since the first edition of the first book over 10 years ago, the writer M. Belanger has been gathering material for the expanded edition. With new and updated articles and demons, spirits as well as appendices and artwork, The Bestselling Dictionary of Demons has become a more extensive source.

There’s a new introduction, a longer article as well as updates to Decans of the Zodiac, new entries, and a plethora of brand-new illustrations. The Dictionary of Demons: Revised and expanded contains more than 1,700 demons, as well as short demonology articles and an abundance of illustrations that make this one of the best sources in the field.

Words held power throughout the world of the past and there were few words looked upon with greater fear than those that referred to the evil forces.

In the ancient world that were a part of the world, the names for demons or devils were believed to be a sort of beacon that called those creatures up from the depths when their names were spoken.

In the end, the names of demons and devils were usually viewed with fearsome dread. People in the modern time are still wary to say names of demons in public. When it was the Europe in during the Middle Ages, this fear led to the creation of a variety of names for Satan. They were referred to as Old Nick as well as Old Scratch It was the common belief that these names of the Devil were not able to directly draw his influence into the lives of people when spoken out loudly.

However in the way that people of the past believed the names of demons and devils were more than just a way to draw their interest. Names of spirits are believed to also compel them to manage them, tie them, and even exile them.

Within Jewish demonology, the numerous characters of the nightdemon Lilith were written on amulets to protect themselves, since those names were believed to hold the power to control her. If they were properly used, they wouldn’t draw her in, but they could make her run away.

According to the Testament of Solomon, King Solomon requires to know the name of a group of demons, so that he can use them in creating his Temple of Jerusalem. When they surrender their names one after another they recognize Solomon’s authority over them.

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5. The Complete Book of Demonolatry

by S. Connolly

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The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S Connolly

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The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S Connolly — Find powerful rites, magical rituals practices, and rituals that honor Satan as well as the Demons. Discover the reasons and the Enns Demonolatry Sigils ascension and other techniques of Demonolatry are now widely used by Theistic Satanists.

This unique work of Demonolatry guides the students from novice to expert. It also explores the deepest levels of Demonolatry necromancy, sex magick blood rites, blood rituals, and blood sacrifice.

This book, which is employed for the old-fashioned Demonolatry Priesthood to train members of their covens, is a workbook, textbook as well as a reference book.

It contains extensive chapters on the history of demonology, Demonic Holy Days, prayers, offerings Enns, sigils rituals for religious purposes, as well as the introduction of Demonolatry Magick. It is undoubtedly the most complete work on Demonolatry that has ever been written.

The book is focused on the spiritual and foundational aspect of Demonolatry and will introduce readers to Demonolatry Magick. If you’re interested in more information on Demonolatry Magick, you should take a look at The Art of Creative Magic or Goetic Demonolatry by my good friend, Ellen Purswell.

In addition, I’d like to take this opportunity to note that, since the Modem Demonolatry release at the end of 1999, a significant amount of Theistic Satanists, Satanic groups and even Gnostic Luciferians have begun engaging with Demons in respectable ways with Demonolatry special Enns and sigils and practices such as dedication rituals.

These were not commonplace prior to and Tezrian’s Vault and the publication of Modem Demonolatry in 1999. The consensus from people who have tried the particular Demonolatry techniques is that they’re highly efficient.

This book can serve to provide a general reference as well as a research guide and workbook for those who wish to initiator and the pre-initiate. For those who are adept this book will provide an understanding of your own work that is the next step on your spiritual development.

One thing that this book does contain, which is significant is the entire symbolisms that are associated with that Dukante hierarchy. We’ve never laid these sigils together in this manner before. I’ve included all the Goetic hierarchical symbols. While many books contain the Goetic hierarchy as well as the symbols, having one book on your desk is much more convenient than having three or four to study.

In the first place, a large portion of Demonolatry is lost through time and, secondly, there’s plenty of information buried in family journals kept by private families which will probably never be seen in the sunlight of day.

This is the way things work. Demonolatry at its core is about your personal relationship to the Demons as well as your personal spiritual growth and connection with everything that is. The focus isn’t on Demonic magick, while magick may play part in self-discovery and positive transformation.

Introduction to Demonolatry
All About Demons
* The Demonic Hierarchies
* Personal Pantheons
* The Demon Directory
* Demons by Purpose
* The Dukante Hierarchy: Enns and Notes
* The Sigils

The Basics of Hermetics
Demonolatry History
The Practice of Demonolatry
Proper Invocation. Tools Ritual Execution and Layout
Dedication and Initiation
Prayer and Offerings
Introduction to Demonolatry — Lessons
Meditation and Ascension
* Meditation Core
* Demonolatry Core
* Ascension Rites
* Channeling Demons
* Energy Building and Grounding Exercises
* Energy Vibrations
* Astral Projection
* Astral Temples
* Lucid Dreaming
Holy Day Rites and Rites of Nine
Demonolatry Rites of Birth Marriage, and Death
Demonolatry Magick
Positive Workings
Negative Workings
The Demonolatry Tree of Life and the Qlippoth
Modifications of the Enochian Keys for Demonolatry
Gematria and Ilagickal Tablets for Demonolatry
Modified Middle Pillar Ritual
The Great Work
* Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone
* Pathworking
* Relationships with Demons
The Solitary Demonolator & The Adept
Sex Magick
Blood Rites & Sacrifices
Vi Baoith Raimi Kairtev & The Demonic Name
Necromancy Demonolatry Hymns
Moving Onward
* Tests for Pre-Initiates
* Tests for Initiates
* Determining Status
* The Priesthood
Concluding Thoughts
Basic Oleum Recipes
Bibliography & Suggested Reading

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6. Demonology and Devil-lore

by Moncure Daniel Conway

41YGeF+oU0L. SX384 BO1,204,203,200
Demonology and Devil-lore by Moncure Daniel Conway

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Demonology and Devil-lore by Moncure Daniel Conway — Three Friars, according to a legend, hidden themselves close to one of the Witch Sabbath orgies that they could count devils But the Chief who was able to find the friars stated: Reverend Brothers the army we have is such that if the entire Alps including their mountains and glaciers were equally divided between us, no one would weigh a pound.’

The incident occurred in an Alpine valley. Anyone who has seen just a glimpse of night known as Walpurgis Day, which is described by the authors of Mythology or Folklore has to be able to agree that the kindly evil spirit did not overstate his situation. The attempts to identify the evil spectres that have ensnared mankind are as if trying to count the shadows cast on Earth by rising sunlight.

This belief has shaped the author through his study of the topic. In 1859, I wrote to the American “Tracts for the Times pamphlets called ‘The Natural History of The Devil.’ Perhaps the most important benefit of the essay was to me as the process of writing it had shown me how fascinating and importance the subject chosen.

Further research in this direction, once I had moved to Europe showed how limited was my perception of the immense realm on which this initial project was based. In 1872, as I was creating a series of lectures to the Royal Institution on Demonology, it seemed at first glance that the most effective thing solution was make copies of the lectures, with a few notes and notes; however, after the lectures were given, they were not used for the bulk of the documents collected across various countries.

And the monsters I had invoked wouldn’t allow me to stop my duties until I’d addressed them in greater detail. The story of Thor’s effort to drink from a tiny spring, and then his loss because it was watered by the ocean appears to be a direct reference to efforts such similar to mine. However, there’s another aspect to the story that has provided me with more motivation.

These phantom hostsare, although difficult to manage in terms of quantity, when viewed closely there are only a handful of types and they converge into hundreds. From being initially overwhelmed by their sheer number and variety, the classifier is in a hurry to beat bushes to create a new type. A single form, the physiognomy of it could be of disease or hunger or Lust or Cruelty–insane imagination has shattered nature into innumerable pieces that as mirrors with varying surfaces reflect the same image in a variety of sizes and distortions.

However, they disappear when that fundamental reality is removed. In the attempt to take on these, or rather, these imagined creatures, they have occasionally been a riot and wrangled around me in a riot of laughter that mocked their power over people believing in their existence. Gargoyles smiled over the finest structures and cornices that were twisted to serpents as the spoken words of the speakers exploded from their normal sense and became images that caught my eye.

It was only when I believed that was the best solutions to their issues were my sphinxes set however, through this mental encounter, it seemed that when one laid, their legion vanished as well. These phantasms have long since stopped to enrage my nerves since I realized their flimsiness and am now attempting to believe that the mythological models have ceased to haunt my studies as I have figured the truth behind them.

What is the reason to kill the dead? This is a question that comes to the minds of those who read this book. The lyrics of a Scotch song states “The Devil is dead and was buried in Kirkcaldy In the event that this is true it is true, he didn’t die until he created an entire world according to his own image.

Natural worlds are encased with a non-natural religion that creates bitterness over the basic thoughts, obstacles to scientific inquiry, and apprehensions that are not as rational as were they a result of varying conceptions of lunar figures, all derived from the dogma left by the Devil which holds that some beliefs or practices are the result of instigation from above.

These dogmas, rooted in fossil demonology are the foundation of institutions that divert money as well as knowledge, business, for fictitious purposes. This hasn’t, therefore been merely a curiosity about the intellectual that has me working on this topic for the last several years, but rather an ever-growing conviction that the consequences of such beliefs exert an enduring influence.

In the time that Father Delaporte lately published his book about the Devil His Bishop wrote: Reverend Father, if everyone engaged in the Devil the way you do then God’s kingdom would be enhanced. God would be enhanced by it. In defining the kingdom we are speaking of as one of Truth and Truth, it is with a certain agreement with the Bishop’s words that I’ve gotten myself involved by completing the task now assigned to the general public.

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7. When Giants Were Upon the Earth

by Brian Godawa

51OLek0zYaL. SX333 BO1,204,203,200
When Giants Were Upon the Earth by Brian Godawa

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When Giants Were Upon the Earth: The Watchers, the Nephilim, and the Biblical Cosmic War of the Seed (Chronicles of the Nephilim) by Brian Godawa — An Exploration of the Strange and Odd Supernatural Things in the Bible. The Biblical fantasy novel series Chronicles of the Nephilim has revolutionized the world of Evangelical imagination.

The writer Brian Godawa shares the Biblical and prehistoric historical research in this book.

For those who are seeking a serious research on the subjects that are in Genesis 6, the Watchers, Nephilim, Sons of God fallen angels Spiritual Warfare, and the Biblical Cosmic War of the Seed.

The Book of Enoch: Scripture, Heresy or What?
Bonus Chapter. How significant the old text of Enoch has been to the Church as well as in the New Testament.

Sons of God (Expanded)
Is they the Sons of God in Genesis 6 angels, Sethites or divine kings?

The Nephilim (Expanded)
This chapter examines the places where giants are mentioned throughout the Bible.

The idea of the sea dragon that represents chaos is prevalent throughout the early Near East and the Bible. Is it a theological significance?

Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography in the Bible
Are the Bible writers believe in the ancient Mesopotamian conception of a flat Earth supported by pillars that spanned an Underworld with a dome of solidity overhead?

Retelling Bible Stories and Mythic Imagination
The ancient Jewish writers told Bible stories to give the world to life.

Gilgamesh and the Bible
A closer look at some of the things that the old Epic of Gilgamesh has in relation to the Bible.

In Defense of Ancient Traditions
The mythology that lies of The Tower of Babel as well as Nimrod. The oldest book written by Jasher.

Mythical Monsters in the Bible
A study of mythical creatures found in the Bible: Satyrs, centaurs, Lilith, winged fiery serpents and Azazel. The most famous Biblical giants.

Canaanite Baal and Old Testament Storytelling Polemics
What Bible authors subverted Canaanite Baal to make Yahweh as the only true God.

Goliath was Not Alone
A closer look at Goliath. There are also five other giants that were hunted by David. Who are they? Lion Men of Moab?

Jesus and the Cosmic War
Satan is described as “god of this world.” Christ’s war against the Watchers. Jesus’ descent to Sheol and triumph over Powers.

The Geography of Hades
An exploration of the underworld in pagan myths and the Bible. Gehenna, Sheol.

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8. The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

by Rosemary Ellen Guiley


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The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – This is a classic. The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology was first published in 1990, but has now been updated to include new information on demons that have been discovered or researched since its original publication.

Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, an acclaimed demonologist who has written more than 40 books on various paranormal topics. If you’re interested in learning about demons, whether as part of your faith or simply out of interest, then you need to read Guiley’s Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology.

A comprehensive guide to these malevolent entities from all cultures, religions and eras around the world. Excellent for both scholars and those with a passing interest in demons (and it will keep you up at night).

The battle against evil has been at the center of human affairs since the beginning of time. Chaos, destruction decay, and the final darkness of death all outshone the goodness and light. Humans have dealt evil in three ways: confronting it head-on in battle, by staving away from it before it does and then attempting to prevent it from happening altogether by refusal.

The causes and methods of evil has been discussed and debated for centuries in the fields of religion and folklore, philosophy, literature, art and pop culture. All of these attempt to explain the reasons why evil things happen, particularly for good people. When evil is a part of the unjust, we consider it as a deserved consequence of a wrongdoing.

If evil strikes the righteous we look for a satisfying reasons, but often without success. Everyone is affected by bad things at one point or another in time regardless of their moral inclinations. In mythology, religion and folklore, the forces of good and evil are represented. In the pantheons of gods, Gods and Goddesses are portrayed as being that represent good and evil While they are often negative, they’re not completely evil. Their mission is to break things apart through destruction or destruction, disease or illness and then death. They are the most essential element of the cycle of death, life and resurrection. Human beings, for obvious reasons try to escape these afflictions as far as is possible.

Monotheism produces a stronger separation between evil and good. The One Creator is all-good but allows evil to flourish under the guidance from an archfiend. We justify ourselves with the argument that evil is used to test and prove our moral rigor and spiritual worthiness.

According to Christianity, Satan, the Devil is the completely evil alternative to God, the God of all goodness. God. The concept of Satan and the Devil evolved over time as they evolved from the neutral adversary Satan, who is a part of Hebrew mythology, and also an angel once good Lucifer who was a victim of the wrong path and fell away from God.

Every army must have an wicked adversary which is why Satan is obliged to Christianity in this sense. Demons, or the lower agents of evil, come in various disguises and go by various names and serve a variety of reasons. According to the pagan perspective they are element of nature, and are entities with moral ambivalence, who primarily manipulate and in-terfere.

According to the Christian perspective they are fallen angels who, just as Lucifer did decided to choose in their pride rather than the will of God and were then ejected out from heaven. They’re doomed to in hell, and they serve the Devil and continue to make unending attacks on humans in an effort to subvert souls and bring them into the domain of the Devil.

Beyond monotheism the demons have a long tradition of interfering with the activities of the world of physical reality and the lives of individuals although not always with the intention in subverting the souls of others. They play tricksters and produce annoying disturbances. They also result in ill-health, di-sasters, as well as bad luck. There are those who have long-standing grudges against humans.

The djinn from Arabian mythology, for instance believe they were the first inhabitants of Earth and were forced out by God to make way for humans. They would like their homeland to be returned and, in some cases, use guerrilla warfare and terror against humankind to achieve that goal.

No matter what the disguises the names, motives, or disguises the demonic forces are always operating all over the world. Because of the exaggerations in the screen and in fiction, many Christians believe, for instance that the attacks of demonic forces occur in the form of demon-like creatures that attack people, taking over them, and letting green slime flow through the walls and down the stairs.

Although these events are true but they are not common in comparison to the various ways evil forces work. Evil is a sneaky Trojan horse that attacks the inside of people, destroying their beliefs, motives and determination to live the life of righteousness. Evil is often a manifestation of the human condition through the killing and mayhem, as well as the oppression and violence that people inflict upon one another.

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9. Demonic Possession and Exorcism In Early Modern France

by Sarah Ferber

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Demonic Possession and Exorcism In Early Modern France by Sarah Ferber In Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early Modern France, Sarah Ferber analyzes over 1,000 cases of demonic possession occurring between 1580 and 1630 to understand how these particular cases unfolded within larger theological debates about demonology, witchcraft, and exorcism.

She also seeks to uncover why men or women believed themselves to be possessed by demons in 17th-century France—what was going on culturally at that time? Why did demons appear as they did? How were they treated medically? Ferber answers these questions by examining cultural trends such as witch-hunting, spiritual healing, mysticism, and psychology.

She argues that learning about exorcisms can help us better understand a complex historical moment in Europe, where Catholicism coexisted with many other forms of belief.

This book is an original research on demon possession and ritual of exorcism. Both were common in the early modern period and reached epidemic proportions here in France.

Catholics believed the Devil was present in all things, including the rise of heretics and witches’ activities, as well as in the bodies of young, pious Catholic women. Although the exorcism was meant to heal the possessed, and demonstrate the power of Christ’s Church, it caused as many problems as it solved.

The exorcisms of possession were often brutal for nuns. Exorcists were accused of conjuring the devils. Possession itself was seen as a form holiness and several women were elevated to the rank of living saints.

Sarah Ferber presents a fascinating study of one the most interesting phenomena of early modern Europe. The book also examines the future and argues that the early modern disputes over the Devil have a surprising force and significance in Western Christianity.

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10. A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics, & Pagans

by Jeffrey B. Russell, Brooks Alexander

A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics, & Pagans by Jeffrey B. Russell, Brooks Alexander

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A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics, & Pagans by Jeffrey B. Russell, Brooks Alexander — This book takes a look at witchcraft through history, examining how views of witchcraft changed and influenced culture.

This is a great read for anyone who wants to know more about how witches were seen throughout history and why these changes happened. It also goes into depth about how certain areas, such as France and Germany, were particularly susceptible to witch hysteria.

Overall, it’s an informative text that dives into one of humanity’s oldest fears: magic.

For over thirty years Jeffrey B. Russell’s encyclopedia has been the only illustrated history that anyone who is interested in this topic could look with confidence.

In partnership together with Brooks Alexander, who has himself conducted cutting-edge research in this subject, the classic book has been thoroughly revisedand updated, including an updated Introduction and Bibliography. along with new data throughout the book, as well as a comprehensive description of witchcraft from the earliest time to present day.

Making comparisons between modern-day sorcery and the past, the book explains how the European witch-hunting craze of the 16th and 17th centuries grew from a mix of ancient sorcery as well as medieval Christian pagan heresy, folklore, scholastic scholastic theology along with inquisitorial tests.

It is unclear if the devilish witchcraft to women and men was put to the cross is a matter of debate. The most important thing is that it was believed that it did be real by both peasants and intellectuals alike.

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11. The Lesser Key Of Solomon

by Aleister Crowley, S. L. MacGregor Mathers

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The Lesser Key Of Solomon by Aleister Crowley, S. L. MacGregor Mathers

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The Lesser Key Of Solomon by Aleister Crowley, S. L. MacGregor Mathers — This is a classic handbook for ceremonial magicians written in 1855. It includes instructions for summoning and negotiating with spirits, as well as creating talismans. The Lesser Key of Solomon was written before Aleister Crowley was born and his name doesn’t appear anywhere in it. Crowley would go on to write a similar book which included six chapters from The Lesser Key of Solomon, plus some additional material. If you want to read more about demonology check out Demonic Bible by Aliester Crowley (the guy who went mad and started worshiping demons). An occultist can not pass up one of these books!

Preliminary Invocation
The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic
Preliminary Definition of Magic
Lemegeton Vel Clavicula Salomonis Regis
The Brief Introductory Description
Clavicula Salomonis Regis
The Whole Lemegeton or Clavicula
Clavicula Salomonis Regis
The Book of Evil Spirits
Classified List of the 72 Chief Spirits of the Goetia According to Respective Rank
The Magical Circle
The Magical Triangle of Solomon
The Hexagram of Solomon
The Pentagram of Solomon
The Magic Ring or Disc of Solomon
The Vessel of Brass
The Secret Seal of Solomon
The Other Magical Requisites
The Adoration at the Bath
The Conjuration to Call Forth Any of the Aforesaid Spirits
The Second Conjuration
The Constraint
The Invocation of the King
The General Curse
The Conjuration of the Fire
The Greater Curse
The Address Unto the Spirit Upon His Coming
The Welcome Unto the Spirit
The License to Depart
Explanation Of Certain Names Used In This Book Lemegeton
The Explanation of the Two Triangles in the Parchment
An Explanation of Solomon’s Triangle
Atte Ye Bathes of Art
Atte Ye Induynge of Ye Holy Vestures
Ye Fyrste Conjouratioun
Ye Secounde Conjouratioun
Ye Constraynte
Ye Potent Invocatioun of Hys KyLige
Ye Generall Curse Yclept Ye Spirits’ Chayne, Against All Spirits Yt Rebelle
Ye Conjouratioun of Ye Fyre
Ye Greter Curse
Ye Addresse Unto Ye Spirit on Hys Coming
Ye Welcome Unto YE Spirit Dygnytie
Ye License to Ye Spirit YT He Maye Depart

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Demonology, the study of demons, has been around since man first inhabited the earth, and people’s fascination with the supernatural beings has never waned.

While some may prefer to avoid any kind of demonic contact in their lives, many others find themselves drawn to these otherworldly creatures.

If you fall into the latter group, these 11 books on demonology are sure to be favorites on your book shelf!

You can visit Wikipedia to learn more about demons and demonology.

From how to summon demons to methods of expelling them from your life, you’ll be prepared for anything the forces of evil might throw at you after reading these essential books about demons!

Happy Reading!!

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