Benedict Arnold has become infamous for being the most heartless of all American traitors. His name, similar to that of Judas Iscariot, is synonymous with the evils of change and treachery.

He was an American military hero who turned against his fellow countrymen during times of war. The strength of Arnold’s betrayal has struck home with Americans for centuries, and will continue to do so in the future.

Benedict Arnold is a name that stirs up a lot of emotions in Americans. He is widely considered to be the most well-known traitor in American history.

Some students might read his story and wonder, “Why would he do such a thing?” or “What were his reasons for turning on America?” But there are many different sides to Benedict Arnold, and it is important to look at the whole picture before making a judgment.

Benedict Arnold — The Most heartless of all American traitors

Early life of Benedict Arnold

Born on January 14th, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut (United States), Arnold was a merchant’s son. After spending most of his youth studying in Connecticut, he attempted to join the colonial army at age 16 but was rejected due to his young age. Two years later, he was admitted to the military.

Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor or a Hapless Pawn?

Arnold’s joining of British Army

Arnold became a skilled trader and merchant upon joining his first trading company in 1759. His skill with trade attracted the attention of British Army leaders during the Seven Years War (1756-1763), which involved most of Europe. Arnold was appointed as a military leader, commissioned by the British Army.

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Wars fought by Arnold

Two years later, Arnold was appointed as a commander in the American Revolutionary War. He led several battles against his fellow Americans, which included victories at the Battle of Valcour Island and The Second Battle of Sacket’s Harbor. As an American hero, he built many forts that still dot the New England coast.

Changing sides

Although Arnold was originally a patriot, his greed as a businessman and as an individual led him to become labeled as the “American Judas Iscariot”. After making several coins with names such as American Congress and Continental Currency, he began to resent serving under what he called “the corrupt Congress.” Arnold’s hatred toward the Continental Congress led him to switch sides and join General John Burgoyne, who was fighting on behalf of Britain.

Upon switching to the British side, Arnold began raiding Virginia and New London with a fleet of ships and hundreds of men supplied by his new master. He also worked as an administrator for what is now Ontario (Canada), and helped set up a base at Fort Ontario (New York) in 1780.

By the end of 1781, Arnold had returned to London after many victorious battles. However, his actions had come to haunt him. After arriving in London, he realized that Britain wouldn’t be able to pay him for his services as promised. As a result, he wrote to the government asking for compensation.

By the spring of 1782, Benedict Arnold had moved back to London and was plotting his next moves with Britain’s leaders. They convinced him that America would lose its war against Britain, which encouraged him to start planning another attack on American soil. The attack failed due to an arriving fleet of ships, which forced Arnold to retreat.

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In 1787, a financial dispute led Arnold and several of his family members back to New York City. There, he tried to lay claim on the land that was formerly owned by John André (a British spy). In order to gain legal access to the land, Benedict Arnold set up a fake company in 1789 to disguise his real motive.

Arnold’s exposure as a spy

His plans quickly fell apart when André was recognized as a spy. Arnold’s fake company failed, and he began running more plots against America with the British government. As part of one such plot, Benedict Arnold was sent $20,000 from Britain to help him regain control of Virginia.

Arnold made several lasting impacts on America, both during and after his time as a spy. His betrayal of the colonist caused anger towards the British, which led to more conflicts between the two groups. Arnold also started to become recognized as one of the first big spies in American history.

Benedict Arnold’s successful raids and overthrowing of American forts led to the formation of stronger and better-protected places such as West Point (New York). The nation’s first military academy was created in 1802.

Despite all these positive (and negative) impacts, Benedict Arnold’s name is still synonymous with betrayal. This may be because many of his acts were performed under the thumb of someone else, which shows that he was willing to do anything for his own gain. However, not everyone views him as a traitor; some people view him as someone who wanted to reclaim the land that was taken from his family in New York.

Turning point in American Revolution

The American Revolution was one of the most significant turning points in the history of America. People today often think that this country has always been united, but it actually fought against itself for independence at one time. The war tested people’s loyalties and changed the course of history forever.

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The effects of the revolution are still relevant today because they have affected how Americans view their government, manners, and relationships with other nations. Anyone who is interested in American history needs to learn about the American Revolution.

Overall, Benedict Arnold’s legacy is still being felt by both America and Britain today. His actions were incredibly impactful on American culture, which can be seen through history books, movies, songs, and more.

How Benedict Arnold Was Really Betrayed By America



America’s greatest struggle for independence was not free from deception and betrayal. Benedict Arnold was one of the most famous traitors in American history, but he was not the only one. He still remains well known because he is a man who embodies the worst type of character, which many people find fascinating. His name has become synonymous with “traitor” and lives on in infamy through the countless books written about him.

This article ‘Benedict Arnold — The Most Heartless of All American Traitors’ describes the character of Benedict Arnold, who gained notoriety during the American Revolution for his many contributions as well as his great betrayals. He displayed courage and valor in battle, but also committed treacherous acts against the country he fought to defend.

You can visit Wikipedia to know more about Benedict Arnold.

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