Books are ever the best partners one can have. It can help you go through a harsh situation or can give you good company on your happy days. Here we bring you a collection of the best non-fiction books of 2022 you can’t afford to miss.

I found all of these books a wonderful read.

And now quarantined life being the new normal, what’s better than to go on some crazy adventure while reading your favorite books, where you get to choose your destiny as well as the destination.

And through this post, we’ll explore as many adventures, truths, and mysteries as possible.

These books have been my all-time non-fiction book favorites.

10 Best Non Fiction Books
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Let’s not wait anymore and just dive in with me in this bookish journey.

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List of the Best Non-Fiction Books of 2022 You Can’t Afford to Miss

1. The Wife Upstairs

– by Rachel Hawkins

“There’s a trick to spinning lies. You have to embed the truth there, a glimpse of it. That’s the part that will catch people, and that’s what makes the rest of your untruth sound like the truth.”

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The Wife Upstairs By Rachel Hawkins

The Wife Upstairs By Rachel Hawkins — We all are more or less familiar with the renowned Gothic Classic ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte. Here, ‘The Wife Upstairs’ can be considered as the rendition of the classic with some unique modern touch by Rachel Hawkins where you get to meet this new era ‘Jane’ who happens to be a dog walker in Thornfield Estates. She soon uncovers the mystery she knew nothing of and catches the recently widowed Mr. Rochester’s attention and quickly indulges in the luxuries, she only dreamt of. It was all surreal for her and that’s what kept waking her up out of her reality. With the constant haunting of the past, would she be able to cope with her new reality before it all gets too blurry to have control over? Join Jane in her quest of finding the truth, and the love and life she has always yearned for. The thrilling mystery of finding what she is looking for and an intense atmosphere around is perfect for this kind of read. Developing with a striking pinch of mystery and suspense, it is worth diving into the thrilling psychological adventure of our modern Jane and to perceive if she can really have her own happy ending!

2. The Fear Fight Manual

– by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

“We’re all scared. We’re afraid to ask what we want because we’re afraid to hear ‘no’. Behind the known for the unknown.”

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The Fear Fight Manual by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

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The Fear Fight Manual by Luvvie Ajayi Jones — In this empowering work by Jones, Luvvie names herself as ” a professional troublemaker” and shares her journey. Starting from inspiring others in her TED talk ‘Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable’ to setting up her own social platform, named LuvvNation, she has achieved so much pushing herself out of her comfort zone while constantly struggling with fear, anxiety, and imposter syndrome (where she couldn’t stop doubting herself even after achieving so much) and this book throw light upon that journey of her. We all in some ways feel fear and become anxious in certain situations, but we have to learn how to overcome them and be the best version of ourselves so no one else could hold us back. We need to stand for ourselves and be the figure we want us to be. Adding with a sense of humor in this serious journey of personality building to conquer the world and changing it for the better. This one’s a must-read for your own personal guide from someone who has experienced it all.

3. Breathtaking

– by Rachel Clarke

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Breathtaking by Rachel Clarke

Breathtaking by Rachel Clarke — The real-life scenario of the NHS during the current pandemic situation is pictured in this work by Rachel Clarke. The changing life of the doctors and other health workers in their premises due to the sudden outbreak. Clarke has portrayed the UK’s human situation during COVID. Building altogether the real stories of patients, their families, nurses and doctors as the virus reaches its peak from New Year’s Day to the end of April 2020. She highlights the harsh scenarios, negligence of government and how humanity held its hands together in the dreadful condition of the pandemic which needed both love and affection to live this new normal in a better way. Life may seem easy from the outside, but those who are constantly fighting for the lives of others are the true heroes and knows what real struggle is. These health workers deserve all the credits there is, for their uplifted spirit in this time of urgency and panic when they kept their calm risking their own lives to save others. Grab this book to experience an insight into the lives of real heroes in the NHS.

4. Broken : In the Best Possible Way

“I wish someone would have told me this simple but confusing truth: you can be sad when everything goes your way. Or restless. Or numbness of discomfort. Because even when things are perfect you can’t always control your brain or your emotions. “

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Broken : In the Best Possible Way by Jenny Lawson

Broken : In the Best Possible Way by Jenny Lawson — Oh! Just look at this captivating cover picture of Jenny Lawson’s new book ‘Broken’. Broken: In the Best Possible Way tend to focus on Lawson’s own experiment for treating depression-transcranial magnetic stimulation.  The plot deals with her ongoing struggle of health as well as her daily life battles with her insurance company or how she managed to deal with her vacuum cleaner which was about to turn the whole house into ashes. She injects humor in her serious affairs which makes them easier to soak in. And, another striking character is her husband, of course, Victor who is present throughout the plot. Lawson’s treatment of serious stuff with a hint of humor makes it a pleasant read. Coming from the author of ‘Let’s pretend this never happened and many more bestsellers, don’t think too much, and delve into Lawson’s crazy household and her experiences and let us find together how Lawson copes with her sufferings and inspire others to live a life worth remembering for.

5. I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust: A Memoir of Autism and Hope

– by Valerie Gilpeer and Emily Grodin

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I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust: A Memoir of Autism and Hope by Valerie Gilpeer and Emily Grodin

I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust: A Memoir of Autism and Hope by Valerie Gilpeer and Emily Grodin — A heart-wrenching memoir was co-written by Valerie Gilpeer, the mother of a special autistic child and the daughter herself Emily Grodin who was diagnosed with non-verbal autism in her early years. She was unable to express herself all through her life until the miraculous breakthrough happens which changes her life forever.

I have been buried under years of dust and now I have so much to say.”

These were the words of Emily, when she regained her ability to communicate again at the age of 25 and typed this phrase expressing how much she had inside her which was forced to be buried all these years. But now the wait is over. This work is a shared experience by Emily throughout her autistic journey, her inabilities and the heap of faith which she had inside her. The book deals with the episodes of Emily regaining her communicative abilities and incidents that triggered them. A tale of unconditional love and unending hope for the brighter side, where a mother devoted herself to her daughter’s special journey of finding herself again. “I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust” proves to be a miraculous and affecting mother-daughter memoir in their journey to find each other again in a way that didn’t seem quite easy. Even after being unable to express herself through all these years, she didn’t lose hope neither did her mother. This powerful mother-daughter experience is inspiring, enriching and proves to us how love and hope can bring changes out of the blue, teaching the importance of perseverance.

6. Women in White Coats: How the First Women Doctors Changed the World of Medicine

– by Olivia Campbell

“Women as trailblazers,
No obstacles could stop them.
History has changed by women, we need to learn this history.”

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Women in White Coats: How the First Women Doctors Changed the World of Medicine by Olivia Campbell

Women in White Coats: How the First Women Doctors Changed the World of Medicine by Olivia Campbell — This book revolves around a time when the stereotypical mentality and upbringing were leading to loss of lives in society. In the early 1800s, when the deaths of women were rising due to the lack of treatment received by women as they were considered degrading as performed by males. Women thought getting treatment from men and exposing themselves to their vulnerability would lose them their status as well as changes of getting settled in life. In “Women in White Coats”, Olivia Campbell narrates and introduces us to the brave stories of the three revolutionary women, Elizabeth Blackwell, Lizzie Garret Anderson, and Sophie Jex-Blake, who stepped into this patriarchal world of providing healthcare and entirely changed the way women received healthcare in the United States. Led by their own losses and experiences, these three women decide to be the change everyone else was waiting for. Despite numerous obstacles and adverse conditions, they carry on with their motive of providing healthcare to women. This detailed book of three empowering women on their new journey breaking the age-old shackles creating a world of no gender stereotypes is inspiring in every sense. This powerful read definitely proves what women could do for mankind when there is a need to show real affection and strength.

7. The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation

– by Anna Malaika Tubbs

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The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation by Anna Malaika Tubbs

The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation by Anna Malaika Tubbs — This honorary book is to tribute three wonderful mothers who are behind the upbringing of three legendary figures Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin. These exceptional women Alberta King, Louise Little and Berdis Baldwin are featured in this debut biography by Anna Malaika Tubbs. The untold story of the women, who stood strong enough before all the obstacles while raising their kids in a society that didn’t take them up as their own but as outsiders. Tubbs celebrates black motherhood and the inspiration adventure of these mothers in raising and protecting their children from a world not so familiar to them. This work is a must-read to know the struggles and the breakthrough past all those in portraying influential writers who were known all over the world. Let us know the motherly figures behind these legends as they deserve the love and attention for their sacrifices too.

8. The Panic Years

– by Nell Frizzell

“By committing to someone who sees you differently, you are unconsciously forcing yourself to examine, question, and ultimately defend your own position. It forces you to be certain when you don’t really feel certain.” Whenever I wish he had a baby, then I would have had to face the reality of getting a baby fair sooner. “

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The Panic Years by Nell Frizzell

The Panic Years by Nell Frizzell — Here, In this book, the panic years are referred to the crucial age in the life of a woman that is between twenty-five to forty. The age of transformation can strike at any time and bring about revolutionary changes to one’s life. They are most likely to occur in the mid-life of a woman where she has to take responsibility for important decisions that might change her life forever. The time, where she has to make decisions regarding family and friends whether she wants to get married or not or if she wants kids anytime soon. These big decisions can be overwhelming at times but once taken cannot be reverted back.

To manage these decisions as well as life is the real question in those years.

To be able to stay sane in such a maddening time and to understand one’s real self.

Adding a hint of humor, this book takes into account the panic years of a women’s life and a must-read for all the women out there.

9. The Secret Life Of Dorothy Soames by Justine Cowan

– by Justine Cowan

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The Secret Life Of Dorothy Soames by Justine Cowan

The Secret Life Of Dorothy Soames by Justine Cowan The painful story of Justin Cowan rediscovering her mother’s past their true bloodline.  The true story was written as partly a memoir and partly as a detective story to find the truth. The Secret Life of Dorothy Soames will shatter your heart taking you through the painful journey of a deserted child.  Even after having a troubled relationship, her mother’s death causes her to search for the lifelong buried secret and tracing her childhood back to London’s Foundling Hospital which was set up for the poor women to keep their children in mid 18th century. Dorothy Soames was one such child who was left there during the times of world war II and who faces all kinds of horrendous and excruciating abuse from the head-mistress who ran it. The story revolves around Justin and her search for the truth of her mother’s past and the incident of her escape from that gruesome place, also the history of that torturous hospital. This unforgettable work will crave a mark in your heart, unveiling the truth hidden over centuries ago.

10. Aftershocks

– by Nadia Owusu

“The earthquake came and destroyed their homes, their city. The same day, my mother came, and she covered me. My mother became an earthquake. I was only seven years old.”

Aftershocks by Nadia Owusu

Aftershocks by Nadia Owusu — Nadia Owusu’s heartbreaking work ‘Aftershocks’ intermingling with her personal history stands to be one of the striking books this year. Little did she know, what a family is when she was abandoned by her own mother and left to live alone at that young age. She was raised by her stepmother after her father’s death but couldn’t come to terms with her true identity. She faced the grief of the loss of identity throughout her childhood when she was left all alone by herself. When Nadia moves to her new life in University, she keeps feeling the sensation of having too many selves to take control of. This book proves to be a coming of age story, which explores the various themes of identity and follows through her journey of realizing her true identity.  ‘Aftershocks’ indeed puts the reader into shocks of terror imagining the horrors that little child had to go through since her days of innocence. It is a worth read and looks into the quest of existence by Nadia Osuwu.


Some of these books can be really heartbreaking to keep you awake at night, and some of them might be inspiring enough to let you sleep to hope for a better tomorrow. That’s the magic of books, it can give so much in so little of a time.

To know about others’ situations, experience and re-live through the phases of their life is an experience of another world. Nothing else could match that satisfaction you get after reading a book worth your time.

Grab books from this list and dive into this year with new experiences to ride into. Who knows, you might find your own story within yourself that the world awaits to know!

We keep on updating this article frequently.

If you think your book has not made it to the list of the best non-fiction books of 2022 you can’t afford to miss, you can leave the name of the book in the comment section. We will include it when we next update this article.

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