Nature has a way of surprising with beautiful creatures and discoveries.

The animal species and the flora and fauna are an essential part of our ecosystem which comprises of the nature surrounding us.

It is highly important to know the nature we are living in and I also know the wild side of it closely.

Life In The Wild has so much more to share and show about their habitat that it is important to learn about them through the books written by brave discoverers and explorers of wildlife. I have personally found these best fascinating books on wildlife for animal lovers an amazing read.

There is so much unknown about these wildlife creatures to human beings that extensive researchers are busy researching about them on a daily basis to get inside the life of these species.

Best fascinating books on Wildlife for animal lovers

Even if the wild has its own territory, they are a part of our life and we ought to study and know about them.

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Here is a list of amazing books which will take you on an adventure of knowledge into the wildlife and will provide you immense knowledge about their mysterious lives in the wild which are yet unknown by many.

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List of 10 Best Fascinating Books on Wildlife for Animal Lovers

1. In the Shadow of a Man

by Jane Goodall

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In the Shadow of a Man by Jane Goodall

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In the Shadow of a Man by Jane Goodall — This top-of-the-line excellent work by Jane Goodall recounts the tale of one of the world’s most noteworthy logical adventuresses. Jane Goodall was a youthful secretarial school graduate when the unbelievable Louis Leakey picked her to attempt a milestone investigation of chimpanzees on the planet. This softcover release contains 80 photos in a presentation by Stephen Jay Gould. Goodall is one of the most amazing storytellers out there and it’s strikingly incredible how she pulled us into the life and adventures of her chimps.

This book covers the extensive research with such close contact to the chimpanzees, which should be convincing enough to read through the pages of this well-researched book.
It doesn’t simply sound like a science-based book but more like a memoir of the author’s own experience which makes it even more fascinating. The way she describes the incidents with much understanding and empathy attracts the readers. Overall, it’s a beautiful read while enriching the amount of knowledge it provides. Read More

2. Gorillas in the Mist

by Dian Fossey

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Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey

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Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey — Perhaps the main books at any point expounded on our association with the common world, Gorillas in the Mist is the arresting record of Dian Fossey’s thirteen years in a distant African tropical jungle with the best of the extraordinary primates. Fossey’s phenomenal endeavors to guarantee the eventual fate of the tropical jungle and its leftover mountain gorillas are caught in her own words and in authentic photos of this interesting and dangerous species. As no one but she could, Fossey joined her own experience story with noteworthy logical detailing in a life-changing representation of one of our nearest primate family members. Even though Fossey’s work finished lamentably in her homicide, Gorillas in the Mist stays a significant demonstration of one of the longest-running field investigations of primates and uncovers her undying enthusiasm for her subject. An amazing read with detailed tales of the Gorilla group will leave you wanting even more. Read More

3. Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking

by Rachel Love Nuwer

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Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking by Rachel Love Nuwer

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Poached: Inside the Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking by Rachel Love Nuwer — A gutsy examination of the criminal universe of natural life dealing – the poachers, the merchants, and the clients – and of those battling against it.

Columnist Rachel Nuwer dives the peruser into the underground of worldwide natural life dealing, a subject she has been researching for almost 10 years. Our voracious interest for creatures – for adornments, pets, medication, meat, prizes, and hide – is driving an overall poaching plague, undermining the proceeded with presence of endless species. Unlawful untamed life exchange currently positions among the biggest booty enterprises on the planet, yet contrasted with medication, arms, or illegal exploitation, the natural life emergency has gotten insufficient consideration and backing, surrendering it to energetic people battling on the ground to attempt to guarantee that elephants, tigers, rhinos, and more are still around for people in the future.

Nuwer, an honor-winning science columnist with a foundation in biology – takes perusers on a story excursion to the forefronts of the exchange: to murdering fields in Africa, customary medication illicit businesses in China, and wild meat eateries in Vietnam. Through thorough direct revealing that took her to ten nations, Nuwer investigates the powers right now driving interest for creatures and their parts; the cost that request is removing on species across the planet; and the progressives, officers, and activists who trust it isn’t past the point where it is possible to stop the approaching terminations. In excess of a discouraging rundown of insights, Poached is the narrative individuals who accept this is a fight that can be won, that our creatures are not past salvation. Read More

4. Wilding

by Isabella Tree

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Wilding by Isabella Tree

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Wilding by Isabella Tree — Compelled to acknowledge that serious cultivating on the weighty dirt of their property at Knepp in West Sussex was monetarily impractical, Isabella Tree and her better half Charlie Burrell took a staggering jump of confidence: they chose to venture back and let nature dominate. Because of the presentation of free-meandering dairy cattle, horses, pigs, and deer – intermediaries of the enormous creatures that once wandered Britain – the 3,500 sections of the land project has seen uncommon expansions in untamed life numbers and variety in minimal longer than 10 years.

Once-basic species, including turtle pigeons, songbirds, peregrine hawks, lesser spotted woodpeckers, and purple ruler butterflies, are currently reproducing at Knepp, and populaces of different species are soaring. The Burrells’ corrupted horticultural land has become a working biological system once more, hurling with life – without anyone else.

In Wilding, Isabella Tree recounts the account of the ‘Knepp test’ and what it uncovers of the manners by which we may recapture that more stunning, more extravagant country. It shows how rewilding functions across Europe; that it has numerous advantages for the land; that it can create monetary movement and work; how it can profit both nature and us – and that the entirety of this can happen incredibly rapidly. Part grasping journal, a part captivating record of the biology of our open country, Wilding is, most importantly, a rousing story of expectation. Read More

5. Bringing Nature Home

by Douglas W. Tallamy

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Bringing Nature Home by Douglas W. Tallamy

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Bringing Nature Home by Douglas W. Tallamy — As advancement and resulting environmental destruction speed up, there are expanding pressures on untamed life populaces. However, there is a significant and straightforward advance toward switching this disturbing pattern: Everyone with admittance to a fix of earth can make a huge commitment toward supporting biodiversity.

There is a strong connection between local plant species and local natural life—local creepy crawlies can’t, or won’t, eat outsider plants. At the point when local plants vanish, the creepy crawlies vanish, ruining the food hotspot for birds and different creatures. In numerous pieces of the world, natural surroundings obliteration has been broad to the point that nearby untamed life is in emergency and might be made a beeline for eradication.
Bringing Nature Home has started a public discussion about the connection between solid nearby biological systems and human prosperity, and the new softcover version—with an extended asset area and refreshed photographs—will help widen the development. By following up on Douglas Tallamy’s common-sense proposals, everybody can affect. Pick this read for an enriching experience of all time. Read More

6. The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild

by Lawrence Anthony and Graham Spence

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The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild by Lawrence Anthony and Graham Spence

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The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild by Lawrence Anthony and Graham Spence — At the point when South African protectionist Lawrence Anthony was approached to acknowledge a group of ‘maverick’ elephants on his Thula game save in South Africa, he was earlier being advised to deny about it. But, however, he was the crowd’s last possibility of endurance – infamous slick people, would all be murdered if Lawrence wouldn’t take them. He tried and agreed, however before the game plans for the move could be finished the creatures suddenly broke out again and the matron and her child were shot extensively. The remaining outrageous elephants were damaged, risky, and extremely furious on the others. When they showed up at Thula they began arranging their escape.

As Lawrence fought to make security with the elephants and save them from the pangs of execution, he came to understand that they had a great deal to show him life, steadfastness, and opportunity in life. The story is set against the foundation of life on the hold, with life-changing characters and outlandish untamed life, this is definitely a great book that will engage creature sweethearts all over the world and would teach courage of these wilds. Read More

7. Man-Eaters of Kumaon

by Jim Corbett

Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

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Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett — The works of Jim Corbett are known for their delicacy of nature and the wildlife, people having even the slightest interest in wildlife will definitely know about his contributions to these beautiful and striking creatures. Jim was considered the master in the methods of the wilderness, courageous chasing after man-eating enormous tigers, or more so risked his life for the search of these dangerous beauties of the wild. Being raised on a slope station in northwest India, he goes on executing his first panther even before he was nine and proceeded to accomplish an amazing life as a tracker and contributed to the search of the wild.

Corbett was also additionally a creator of extraordinary prestige in his life. His books on the man-eating tigers he once followed are set up works of art and gained huge popularity, yet without anyone else made a life of different and an abstract kind. Man-Eaters of Kumaon is one of the most popular of Corbett’s books, one which offers ten intriguing and spine-shivering stories of seeking and searching after and shooting tigers in the Indian Himalayas during the early long periods of this century in the wilds.

The book also offers direct data about the fascinating vegetation, flora, and fauna, and town life in the deep wilds and slippery district of India, making it as intriguing and interesting for an adventurous soul and anyone who is interested in the dark secrets of wild and the life inside them and chasing after them. Read More

8. The Jungle Book

by Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

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The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling — The Jungle Book key characters are Mowgli, a kid raised by the wolves, and Sher Khan, the greatest tiger of jungles in India. As Baloo the lethargic earthy colored bear, Bagheera the cleverness dark puma, Kaa the python, and his other creature companions show their cherished “man-offspring” the methods of the wilderness, Mowgli after being raised in the wilderness acquires the strength and shrewdness he needs for his unpleasant battle and fights with Sher Khan, the tiger who denied him of his human family in the jungle.

The story is not just about the wilderness but it includes basic human features such as compassion, love, and friendship which is highly maintained by the characters here in this book. How the fights are overcome with love and understanding and how even the wilds show love for humans and vice-versa. This book has a lot to teach anyone and not just children but would be loved by any age of readers. The immense amount of qualities that are being taught through the characters are worth reading this book for.

This is the book every kid must have heard once, who are interested in wildlife cartoons and their stories. A story of compassion, love, and bonding is shown among the wildlife, which is incredible and how they carry on the story. There are even movie adaptations made out of this striking book which is loved by kids as well as adults too. Definitely an amazing choice for kids. Read More

9. The Wilderness Family: At Home with Africa’s Wildlife

by Kobie Kruger

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The Wilderness Family: At Home with Africa’s Wildlife by Kobie Kruger

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The Wilderness Family: At Home with Africa’s Wildlife by Kobie Kruger — Even after being warned by many others about the struggling and tiresome job of being the wildlife superintendent at a distant station that too in South Africa’s biggest wild. The warmth was not tolerable at all for an outsider, jungle fever would be a consistent peril, her significant other would need to be away for extended lengths from each other, there were no schools or close by specialists for their three girls, and obviously, the region overflowed with wild creatures and that was a constant danger.

However, for Kobie and her family, had a different view of their life among the wild, those seventeen years at South Africa’s Kruger National Park were explained as the most supernatural part of their lives by Kobie. Kobie, presently, in The Wilderness Family, relates the captivating undertakings and unprecedented experiences they encountered in this tremendous hold where untamed life has the option to proceed into the wild.

Kobie in this book has beautifully written, a heart-warming, exciting yet terrifying story of a game ranger and his family’s life experiences in Kruger National Park in the wilds of South Africa and how they had lived amongst the wilderness and weirdness in the strangest situation and created such magical moments in their life which is worth reminiscing for. Read More

10. Animal Expressions

by Judith Hamilton

Animal Expressions by Judith Hamilton

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Animal Expressions by Judith Hamilton — Animal Expressions by Judith Hamilton works on to contributing in the various expressions shared by the Wildlife. Judith has been significantly known for her intensive skills of photography for she has pursued graduation in the field of Intensive Photography Program at Rocky Mountains School of Photography. Judith has showcased her talent through various expeditions where her photographs were displayed extensively. And the best part of this book is that even more than half of what this publication makes through is contributed to WCS to extend a helping hand towards their organization.

The photographs in this book will surely be caught you off guard in amusement at how she has maintained the authenticity of each detail. She has also captured their every move while eating, dancing, sleeping, or even playing or fighting. There is also the inclusion of quotes in this book which makes the experience altogether a delightful one. The combination of both creates a way of communicating to the wilds through the pictures and their lives being captured.

This book is definitely perfect for nature and wild lovers who know how to appreciate the beauty of nature through words and pictures. One would definitely enjoy this compassionate creation of the wildlife and their world around them which is outstandingly portrayed by Judith. Read More


The nature around us works surprisingly and it is very important for anyone who loves the Wildlife and the nature around them to know about the creatures who are comprising of this vast ecosystem.

It is always delightful to know the various traits of these small and big species who live in such a mysterious way in the wild that a book can’t have enough about them but can give you an insight into the beautiful ways these creatures live in the wild.

You can visit Wikipedia if you want to learn more about Wildlife.

If you want your favorite book to be included in this article on Best Fascinating Books on Wildlife for Animal Lovers, you can leave it in the comment section. We will include it when we next update this article.

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