Loss of a loved one is never easy, and for children, it’s even worse.

The loss of a beloved pet is a grieving time for the entire family, however, it tends to be particularly hard for small kids who may be encountering sudden death for the very first time in their lives.

Discussions around death will automatically happen, and little ones may start to pose a lot of intense inquiries.

Books can be an incredible asset for assisting youngsters with working through their feelings in the wake of their misfortune.

A great way for the parents to be able to talk the children out of their grief.

Here is a list of 10 Best Books to Deal with the Pet Loss for Children that highlights some truly magnificent books about pet loss that can assist kids with figuring out how to adapt to the pain.

Best Books to Deal with the Pet Loss for Children

They give kids space to feel their feelings while telling them that the intense grief they feel will not keep going forever.

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These books are my personal recommendations as I have found them of great help for kids to cope up with the loss of their pets.

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List of 10 Best Books to Deal with Pet Loss for Children

1. Paw Prints in the Stars: A Farewell and Journal for a Beloved Pet

by Warren Hanson

Paw Prints in the Stars: A Farewell and Journal for a Beloved Pet by Warren Hanson

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Paw Prints in the Stars: A Farewell and Journal for a Beloved Pet by Warren Hanson — Paw Prints in the Stars is an extremely special pet mourning book written in the voice of the pet that has passed. This book brings harmony and solace and commends the adoration and exercises learned. There is space for loved photographs and diary pages for most loved recollections just as a special strip to hold collar labels.

This book tends to reflect on the emotional relationship between a pet and the owner and is beautifully written in the style of a poem from the dog to its owner. This type of book will easily help you or your kids to get over the pain of losing a beloved pet. You can write down your memories with your pet during those beautiful days which you spent with your lovely pet. The kids can get overwhelmed with grief because they have known the pet for a long time and they don’t know how to deal with the loss of not having them around. You can suggest your kid write their memories even in this book, or maybe add pictures of them together to go through that happy lane again and cherish those days again. Nothing can replace the love around the pet, but this book can always help the kid to cope with the pain. Read More

2. I’ll Always Love You

by Hans Wilhelm

I’ll always love you by Hans Wilhelm

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I’ll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm — It beautifully depicts a sad part of life touchingly. It is the sweetest and saddest little story for children depicting the power of love and friendship with their pets. This story deals with love and loss and takes you on an emotional journey of a little boy and his pet. Even though the journey is emotional, this book ends on a hopeful note. This book shows the meaning of love and compassion through the relationship of the child with his pet shows how loss happens and how you can cope up with the pain of losing a pet. It is beautifully written for kids.

This story manages to love and misfortune and takes you on a passionate excursion of a young man and his pet and would be a great book for parents to teach their kids to cope with the loss of a pet. This book deals with this sensitive topic in a very touching and realistic manner for every kid and parent to understand the emotions. No matter however the story is painful, this book closes on a hopeful note of love managing this touchy subject in an extremely touching and practical way for each child and guardian to comprehend the feelings. Read More

3. Cat Heaven

by Cynthia Rylant

Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant

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“The road to Cat Heaven is a sweet meadow, where crickets and butterflies play!”

Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant — The writer through a delicate and lively rhyme made this beautiful book, Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant effectively investigates every one of the manners in which our dearest cats appreciate Cat Heaven, as she has likewise composed for dogs in her top of the line friend book, DOG HEAVEN. Her sparkling craftsmanship represents a universe of harmony for felines in Heaven, where there is no such tree which is excessively tall for investigating, where there is no absence of holy messengers’ laps for dozing for any creature.

This book deals with this tricky subject of an emotional ride for a child in an incredibly reaching and pragmatic way for every kid and teaches them to appreciate the sentiments. In the event that you are a parent and your kid has as of late confronted the regret of losing any pet and ponders where their kitty has followed a particularly cheerful glad life on Earth, they can have confidence that all cats. “Find out where the angel cats fly. They will run past the stars and the moon and the sun. To curl up with God in the sky.” Read More

4. The Rainbow Bridge…. a Dog’s Story

by Judith Kristen

The Rainbow Bridge…. a Dog’s Story by Judith Kristen

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The Rainbow Bridge…. a Dog’s Story by Judith Kristen — After an extremely unpleasant start in life as a doggy factory dog, Henley was saved and afterward embraced into a caring home. His life entirely changed and became a cheerful one after an immense struggle of early life. Heaps of youngsters accepted his story and his central goal to discover joyfully ever-afters for all our creature companions. Tragically, Henley’s own life reached a conclusion on March thirteenth, 2010, only three days after his twelfth birthday – yet his story proceeds.

In this book, this beloved dog teaches us indeed – presently from somewhere else – to assist the individuals who are stuck with having to endure the pain of departure of a pet and to provide them a feeling of a sense of finality. Indeed, the tears and misery are typical, feeling the misfortune is ordinary, as is pushing ahead – to respect that much-adored companion and pet. May this delicate sheepdog’s words bring you solace, grins, understanding, and motivation to praise rich recollections that live endlessly. Indeed, even in the most obscure of circumstances, you can discover the light…if you look in the correct spots. It will definitely help you visualize your memories with your beloved pet, who’s watching you from above. Read More

5. The Goodbye Book

by Todd Parr

The Goodbye Book by Todd Parr

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The Goodbye Book by Todd ParrTodd Parr has written this book from the perspective of a pet fish who has lost his partner, he continues to tell a moving and entirely open anecdote about bidding farewell. Addressing the host of feelings kids insight, Todd reminds perusers that it’s okay not to know every one of the appropriate responses and that somebody will consistently be there to help them. An important asset for life’s hardest minutes.

It clarifies a ton about the feelings anybody would feel during remorse and even gets at the possibility that pain is cyclic and not straight. It is certainly for youngsters who have encountered a passing as of now, as it is minimal in the clarification of what truly happens to the fish. You can definitely try this book out if you are someone or know someone who has lost a beloved pet. Nonetheless, the individuals who have lost a cherished pet could comprehend its hidden meaning. Read More

6. Saying Goodbye to Lulu

by Corinne Demas

Saying Goodbye to Lulu by Corinne Demas

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Saying Goodbye to Lulu by Corinne Demas — A heart-warming story of a little girl and her adorable dog, Lulu, who are the best companions to each other and share every moment together. As Lulu, the dog, ages and begins to hinder in daily work the young little girl shows her empathy by making Lulu comfortable in her bed and assisting with taking care of her. The love between the both can be easily related by anyone who ever had a pet in their life and understands the love.

The book shows, at the point when Lulu passes on, the little girl must find her ways to walk out of the grief taking the beautiful memories with her always, she bravely handles her emotions and misfortune and figures how to bid farewell to her best companion with whom she had innumerable memories. This expressive and touching story will pull at the heartstrings, as the emotions can be heart-wrenching but all things considered, it’s a beautiful read for both youthful and old readers who had known the love of owning a pet ever in their life. Read More

7. Jasper’s Day

by Marjorie Blaine Parker

Jasper’s Day by Marjorie Blaine Parker

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Jasper’s Day by Marjorie Blaine Parker — Marjorie Blain Parker’s delicate story is loaded up with emotions of love, tears, and the delight of exceptional recollections of beautiful memories, and Janet Wilson’s delicate pastels catch the profundity of affection shared by a kid and his dog through the illustrations. Both of them together is a treat to encounter. The book, and the characters through their emotional ride talk about love and acceptance that comes with it and also discuss acknowledgment, recognition, and the importance of each and every moment spent with the loved one, more so a pet.

Today Riley’s family is busy observing Jasper’s Day and they have planned to dedicate this day to their beloved Jasper, all that they will do will be out of appreciation for Jasper just like birthday celebrations. In any case, it isn’t Jasper’s birthday. The old dog’s health has been getting worse lately and truly downright terrible day by day. Riley realizes that they can’t allow him to endure any more, but he knows that giving up will be the hardest thing he’s always needed to do for anyone let alone for the loved pet, Jasper.

Reading Jasper will definitely bring back your tears out of the memory lane, which kids generally force deep inside them to not be overwhelmed by the emotions of grief. But this practice of facing the grief of their pet and resting those memories peacefully would free them of the remorse and would be a delightful experience for the kid. Read More

8. Lifetimes: A Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children

by Brian Mellonie

Lifetimes: A Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children by Brian Mellonie

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Lifetimes: A Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children by Brian MellonieThis one is a beautiful children’s book explaining the cycle of life and death for all kinds of living things present in the surrounding, be it animals, plants, or humans. In this book, the words and the extensive illustrations show the basic reality of a lifespan that is birth, living, and death for any living organism. The striking part of this book is it doesn’t solely depend on sadness or grief but talks naturally about the process of life. Though death is a very harsh topic and for children, it is even harder to comprehend them through it, but this book does the job pretty satisfactory.

The idea of Death isn’t by and large talked about until there is an occasion and questions that follow. Whenever kids have moved past self to incorporate the attention to another, they will profit by the overall framework of the idea of death. This book uncovers through its straightforward content that “each has its own unique lifetime”.

This is a legit and practical clarification that all that lives, bites the dust at one place in time. It is very direct without failing to remember its crowd. Read More

9. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney

by Judith Viorst

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Viorst

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The Tenth Good Thing About Barney by Judith Viorst — Judith Viorst has a touch of humor in her books especially when it’s about the frustrations a little kid has to go through but this book is on the serious side of events that is about death and emotions handled by a little child.

A lovely cat has to leave the nurturing of its owner and its heart-wrenching. The story is written from the perspective of the little child and how tough it is for the little kid to go through that phase of utter remorse and grief. The mother of the child suggests that the child should list down all of the things that made their pet, Barney special. The story shows how both the parents help the child through the process of grief and how it is normal for a child to feel those emotions for their pet.

This one is a wonderful book that tends to show the grieving process of a child losing a loved and nurtured precious pet cat and perfect for a child to deal with the pain and move on with the beautiful memories of their pet. Read More

10. Sammy in the Sky

by Barbara Walsh

Sammy in the Sky by Barbara Walsh

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Sammy in the Sky by Barbara Walsh — Sammy, the best dog in the entire world, adores his young owner and she as well cherishes him with her whole heart. At the point when sickness stops Sammy’s life, the little girl’s family decides to keep his soul alive by commending his adoration for pursuing breeze-blown air pockets, keeping a faithful watchman around evening time, and also offering his smooth hide for unlimited taps and belly scratches, these are all gestures of love and respect in his honor. Jamie Wyeth has also done an amazing job as an illustrator while depicting the whole essence of the narration imbued with his pragmatist style and long-lasting affection for dogs. It highlights the delight and trouble of each tongue-licking, a tail-swaying moment of love in this cheering and affectionately delivered story composed by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Barbara Walsh and has done an amazing job while writing this. The end of this book is an excellent depiction of a beautiful closure.

Sincere and powerful, this book is about the demise of a family dog which is agonizing simultaneously heartfelt for a pet owner. The experience she depicts hit on each feeling that goes through an individual when they lose their adored pet. Read More


The passing of a pet is without a doubt probably the hardest thing for a kid to encounter.

Little kids create solid bonds with their pets and become close to their pets. It may very well be a cat or a hummingbird, or a hamster. They may see their pet as a companion, or somebody to impart privileged insights to.

The loss and departure of a particularly unique companion can be utterly devastating and difficult for the child to understand.

Every little kid deals differently with the loss of a pet but the parents remain in the constant dilemma of whether the child has recovered the grief or not.

At times, guardians stress that the kid has not managed their sentiments. These books would help them understand their emotions and as well as handling them with love and compassion.

You can visit Ohio State University’s website for more information.

If you have found a book that has helped you or your kid deal with these difficult times, you can always leave the name of the book in the comment section. We will surely include it in our list when we next update this article on 10 Best Books to Deal with the Pet Loss for Children.

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