We do some daily chores and activities daily. Not even a day can pass without us doing the daily chores. Some of the daily chores are cleaning our house, our cars, our plates, etc.

This section has a comprehensive list of daily chores that we perform on a day-to-day basis.

You can download this list of Daily Chores and Activities which is in a PDF form.

You can take a print of these daily chores and keep it safe with you for your learning purposes.

List of daily chores and activities
Chores and Activities

List of Daily Chores and Activities

Here is a list of daily chores and activities we do on a daily basis.

You might have your own list.

If you haven’t taken a note of the chores that you perform day-in day-out I recommend you to start keeping a note of it. You will see that you do hundreds of chores and activities in a day, or rather in a week.

Daily Chores and Activities

To dust and clean lampshades
To wipe down appliances
To fold clothes
To clean and sanitize pet bedding
To clean mirrors
To clean out refrigerator magnets
To dust the furniture
To dust picture frames
To wash and sanitize reusable water bottles
To organize closets
To clean bathroom sink
To organize kitchen drawers
To wash and disinfect reusable shopping bags
To clean shower curtain
To clean and disinfect cutting boards
To sweep the floor
To declutter surfaces
To clean and disinfect trash bins
To water indoor plants
To change bed linens
To sanitize bathroom countertops
To clean the toilet
To tidy up living spaces
To polish silverware or metal surfaces
To wipe down and sanitize remote controls
To clean out gutters
To dust ceiling fans
To vacuum under furniture
To make the bed
To clean out the closet
To wash pet dishes
To mop floors
To fold and put away clothes
To clean and organize bathroom drawers
To declutter countertops
To wipe down baseboards
To wipe down countertops

Download Chores and Activities

You can download the PDF on Chores and Activities.

You can take a print and write some additional chores that you perform in your daily lives.

If you want to learn about kitchen items, you can visit Getting Familiar with Kitchen Items page.

This PDF is intended for personal use and its commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Happy Learning!!!

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