Books by Jeff Lindsay in Publication Order

The Dexter Book Series in Publication Order

Dexter Book Series in OrderPublication Date
Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay2004
Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay2005
Dexter In The Dark by Jeff Lindsay2007
Dexter by Design by Jeff LindsayMarch 19, 2009
Dexter is Delicious by Jeff LindsayJuly 8, 2010
Double Dexter by Jeff LindsayOctober 27, 2011
Dexter’s Final Cut by Jeff LindsaySeptember 5, 2013
Dexter Is Dead by Jeff LindsayJuly 30, 2015
Dexter Book Series in Publication Order

The Billy Knight Thrillers in Publication Order

The Billy Knight Thrillers in OrderPublication Date
Tropical Depression by Jeff LindsayAugust 25, 2015
Red Tide by Jeff LindsayOctober 27, 2015
The Billy Knight Thrillers in Publication Order

Riley Wolfe Thrillers in Publication Order

Riley Wolfe Thriller in OrderPublication Date
Just Watch Me by Jeff LindsayDecember 12, 2019
Fool Me Twice by Jeff LindsayDecember 3, 2020
The Three-Edged Sword by Jeff LindsayDecember 8, 2022
Riley Wolfe Thriller in Publication Order

Biography of Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay, the author of the Dexter book series, was born on July 14, 1952 in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Ransom Everglades School in 1970.

Jeff Lindsay is the award-winning author of eight novels in the Dexter series, including Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter, and most recently Dexter is Dead (2015).

He also wrote the screenplay to Deeper Than the Dead (2006), which he adapted from his novel of the same name, and wrote the short story collection Welcome to Deadland (2008).

Jeff Lindsay has made quite the name for himself in the world of serial killers with his Dexter series of novels, written under the pen name of Jeff Lindsay.

His first novel in the series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, was released in 2004 and was an instant hit, landing on several bestseller lists including USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

You can visit Wikipedia to know more about Jeff Lindsay.

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List of Books by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Book Series by Jeff Lindsay

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan is an attractive, friendly, and sympathetic young man who works as a blood-spatter analyst for Miami police. He loves his girlfriend, Rita; she knows he’s crazy about her, he’d never do anything to hurt her.

But Dexter has a secret: Late at night, he leads another life. He is Dexter, vigilante killer of evil men who preys on killers himself. Just how many Dexters are there? Who else knows that Dexter is a double agent?

And if Dexter’s murderous activities ever became known, what would happen to his cozy relationship with his sister Debra or his friendly relationship with hard-core detective Doakes? Dexter has learned how to lead two lives—but can anyone really keep secrets that deadly?

Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

This is a great book for anyone who liked dexter and is ready to see dexter develop as a character. Jeff Lindsay was able to keep all of us on edge while we watch dexter hunt down his prey in order to feed his urge.

This book brings into question what it means to truly be human, as Dexter has never been called that due to being born without human emotions or feelings.

He also begins caring about other people besides himself and whether or not he really wants that kind of life for himself.

Dexter In The Dark by Jeff Lindsay

The character Dexter Morgan can sense when something is out of place, or missing.

He doesn’t realize it right away, but if he senses that something in his line of sight should be there, but isn’t, his brain goes into a frenzy of activity.

Though it’s been years since they were introduced to us in Darkly Dreaming Dexter, seeing what’s not there remains one of Dexter’s key skills. It didn’t get him much as a boy, but now that he’s a grown man and serial killer—those tells are more valuable than ever before.

Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter is a killer who targets bad people. His adoptive father, Harry, taught him to live by his code.

He keeps everything neatly compartmentalized in his head—family and work are separate; he’s just a regular guy who works as a blood spatter analyst for Miami PD. But Dexter also knows that when he gets close to someone, they could end up being collateral damage—that’s why he never lets anyone too close.

When Dexter meets Rita Bennett, however, everything changes. She has no idea of his real life; all she sees is a loving husband and father with an unusual hobby: cutting up dead bodies in his spare time. How can Dexter keep her safe?

Dexter is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan is one of those rare anti-heroes who you’ll fall in love with. If you haven’t seen any of Dexter, you need to watch it before reading any further.

Dexter is one bad guy: he kills people for a living. But there’s just something about him that makes him more human than most characters on TV.

From his internal monologue to his relationships with others, he captivates audiences everywhere. In many ways, he exemplifies what it means to be human—even though he definitely isn’t.

Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

The story follows Dexter after his wife is murdered by a Colombian hitman he tracks down on his own.

There, he finds some surprising connections with events that happened before Rita’s death, and becomes suspicious of Harry’s behavior.

Meanwhile, Miami Metro Homicide detective Mike Anderson begins an investigation into a string of bizarre murders in the area that appear to be connected with missing prostitutes.

A fingerprint and a tire track found at each murder scene are traced to one man: James Gellar, who was executed 14 years earlier for kidnapping and murdering five women. Is it possible that Gellar somehow faked his death? Or is there another explanation?

Dexter’s Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay

Fans of Dexter have waited a long time for what happened to Dexter Morgan, and readers won’t be disappointed in Dexter’s Final Cut.

Not only do we get more of those twists and turns fans expect from author Jeff Lindsay, but Lindsay manages to finish up his series in an inventive way. While it might not be as good as some of his earlier books, Final Cut is a great way to wrap up one of our favorite modern-day serial killer books.

Dexter Is Dead by Jeff Lindsay

If you’re looking for a quick read, Dexter Is Dead is a great book to pick up. I read it in an afternoon and loved every minute of it. In it, Dexter has no choice but to kill his brother, a serial killer that he normally frames for all of his own murders.

If you’ve seen any or all of season 1-8 from Showtime’s TV show based on these books (also highly recommended), you won’t want to miss out on anything from The Ice Truck Killer Saga. Dexter fans will love finding out what exactly happened between events depicted in seasons 1-5 of Showtime’s DEXTER as well as various tidbits from later seasons that make way more sense now.

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The Billy Knight Thrillers by Jeff Lindsay

Tropical Depression (The Billy Knight Thrillers) by Jeff Lindsay

The first book in The Billy Knight Thrillers series and a good introduction to Dexter for newcomers. Dexter is an ex-cop who works as a blood splatter analyst for Miami Metro PD. His hobby of serial killing has helped him solve many murder cases and get closer to catching The Butcher, one of his earliest victims. In Tropical Depression, Dexter starts investigating when a severed head from one of his past kills turns up. What’s more, it appears to be looking for help from another killer, which means someone has been learning about Dexter’s dark side! A great read for fans of detective fiction, with plenty of blood spatter on display.

Red Tide (The Billy Knight Thrillers) by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Morgan, Miami’s star blood spatter expert for the Homicide Squad, had a well-earned reputation as a ruthless crime scene investigator. The chief of police is under pressure to name him lieutenant, but doesn’t want to look like he’s playing favorites.

So Dexter takes on more cases in less time; and each one leaves him surrounded by suspects and coworkers who could be out to get him. With three bodies in one day, Dexter is suddenly swamped with an epidemic of killings that strike close to home.

Riveting suspense from international bestselling author Jeff Lindsay brings back America’s favorite serial killer for a new series of bone-chilling mysteries featuring Southern California detective Mike Lomax. A fresh twist on a classic character that will leave you breathless until its shocking end!

Riley Wolfe Series by Jeff Lindsay

Just Watch Me (Riley Wolfe Thriller) by Jeff Lindsay

In this series’s debut, Riley aims for an unusual goal in a heist that will change the course of history. Riley is determined to get from the Crown Jewels of Iran.

These jewels are worth billions of dollars, however, the real reason for stealing them is for a simple fact that – it is impossible. The collection is protected by space-age technology along with two groups of heavily-armed security guards.

It is impossible for anyone to even think of breaking through the airtight security and hoping to walk out alive, not even with one diamond of the Imperial Collection.

Fool Me Twice (Riley Wolfe Thriller) by Jeff Lindsay

Riley Wolfe, heist artist and master thief is the person who has the job that defines his existence. The world’s most demanding and dangerous collector is looking for one with his own collection of talents.

‘The Liberation of St. Peter’. The problem? It’s a painting on a wall. It’s situated in the Vatican.

However, Riley is quickly offered a double-cross from an arms dealer who is looking out for Monique an expert art forger and lover of his life. The danger is evident. The job is now all-in. And Riley knows that they have one option to get out.

The Three-Edged Sword (Riley Wolfe Thriller) by Jeff Lindsay

The Three-Edged Sword is the lastest book published in the Riley Wolfe Series. The list of enemies in the list is growing bigger and longer than ever before. The enemies are dangerous with ulterior motives. You will enjoy reading this latest book from Jeff Lindsay.

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Are the Dexter series based on a book?

The Dexter series is a series of novels written by Jeff Lindsay. The first novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, was published in 2004 and received several awards. Since then, there have been seven other novels in print with more due to come out soon. All of these have been bestsellers, with some even being translated into over 15 different languages across various countries.

In what order should I read the Dexter book series?

Readers of Dexter often wonder if they should read Darkly Dreaming Dexter or Dexter in the Dark first. It doesn’t really matter which book you choose to start with, though a lot of readers find it easier to relate to Dexter when he has already been established as a character. If you’re interested in finding out more about serial killers, Darkly Dreaming Dexter may be a better option for you. If you want to know more about Dexter’s everyday life, try reading Dexter in the Dark first.

Are Dexter books same as series?

The Dexter book series consists of eight novels, spanning from Darkly Dreaming Dexter toDexter Is Dead. It was adapted into a television series which airs on Showtime. The show is based on characters from three of Jeff Lindsay’s books, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter and Dexter in the Dark. The other four books center around another serial killer named Hannah McKay and were published after Showtime had already begun developing its series. The first book focuses on Dexter Morgan who works as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police Department. Despite his prowess at solving crimes, he has an urge to kill his victims, thus making him feel guilty over taking another life.

What books from the Dexter series are the best?

Some people often ask me what my favorite book in the Dexter series is. Each book has its own strengths. I have found the most enjoyable books 3 and 4. If I had to pick just one, it is DEXTER IN DARK. It was for me the first time I felt that everything was put together and became clear in a way it didn’t before. Additionally, there were shocking revelations for those who had studied the subject up to that point and thought they knew where the world was going.

What are some prominent characters in the Dexter series?

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer who works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. His adoptive father, Harry Morgan, was also a cop and taught Dexter how to cover up his homicidal tracks. Dexter’s adoptive sister, Debra Morgan, is also a police officer and is often on her brother’s trail. Finally, there are other killers that appear in some of Dexter’s exploits: Brian Moser (the Ice Truck Killer), Arthur Mitchell (the Trinity Killer), and Isaak Sirko.

Who is Dexter Morgan in the Dexter series?

Dexter Morgan is a fictional character and protagonist of Dexter, an American television crime drama mystery series created by screenwriter James Manos, Jr. for Showtime. Debuting on October 1, 2006, Dexter is a serial killer who works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department (fictional) under his adoptive father Harry Morgan. He carries out his killing activities at night, only targeting other murderers who have evaded justice or are otherwise above prosecution; he also maintains a strict code of honor that requires him to never kill an innocent person. His top priority is concealing his Dark Passenger (voice of intuition that urges him to kill) from everyone around him, including those closest to him: his girlfriend Rita Bennett and her children Astor and Cody Bennett.

Who is the author of the Dexter Book series?

Jeff Lindsay is an American TV writer, producer, and novelist. He has written eight books inspired by his character Dexter Morgan, a Miami police blood spatter analyst, who doubles as an infamous serial murderer. In 2013, he was one of the elite collection of multi Emmy Award winners after winning Outstanding Director for a drama series. The series that he won in 2013 the award was Dexter (he also was awarded the award in 2007). In 2008, he received nominations for a second time to win Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series along with two other writers: Clyde Phillips and James Manos Jr. In 2006, he was awarded for work on Dexter for the award of Best Dramatic Writing at the Writers Guild of America Awards. Three nominations within a single year connect him to Aaron Sorkin (for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Stephen J.


You will enjoy reading the books from Jeff Lindsay. They are filled with suspense, and you will find it hard to put them down once you start reading one of his great works! Dexter is a fascinating character that many people can relate to on many levels whether they realize it or not, and he has become quite popular since being written about. I strongly recommend checking out any book that Jeff has written, as well as keeping an eye out for any future ones!

Happy Reading!

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