How to Create Blog Content that is unique and converts well?

The rules keep on changing. So has the content creation rules in 2021. Here we will cover a topic on “How to Create Blog Content in 2021.”

Creating a blog or writing content can be a unique process.

For some, it could be calming but for some, it could be difficult to write their thoughts and opinions. If we search on the internet there could be thousands of blogs on a specific topic. You need to be different from the crowd to attract your audience.

If we search on the internet there could be thousands of blogs on a specific topic. You need to be different from the crowd to attract your audience.

How to Create Blog Content

Deciding the Topic

create unique content

Deciding on what your blog is going to be about is the most important decision in creating a blog.

Choose what best suits you and your personality and what you want your blog to be about.

It could be anything like fitness, fashion, health, and diets. Or it can be on mental wellness or your thoughts and views on all the above topics.

It doesn’t need to be cliche because it’s a blog. It could be your viewpoint on anything to make your viewers feel more connected.

Being interesting and resonating with your viewers will attract them to your blog.

Reading long and boring paragraphs does not interest everyone. They would rather skip the page and move on to the next one.

Important is to catch the eye of a reader and keep them hooked on to your blog. Sometimes adding a more personal touch could be helpful.

Letting the Viewers Know the Writer

Let Viewers Know the Writer

While reading a blog or an article the viewers tend to create an image or understanding about the author.

You should let your readers know more about yourself and your personality. They want to know how you are as a person when you are not writing. Understanding you will increase their confidence in you. This will keep them engaged in your articles.

Adding your social media handles on your introduction page would be a great way for them to know you and reach out to you.

Readers are also interested in knowing what made you write or open this blog. You should create a nice introduction page and it should have information on you and the blog. You should be clear on the topics the blog is covering. It gives the readers an understanding of what they are getting into and what they are about to read.

Why do you need a blog?

unique blog content

Why do you need a Blog?

Why does a person or a writer need a blog?

Simple! To express his/her views and opinions on a topic or to promote their business or for the love of writing.

To attract people to your blog or develop interpersonal relationships with your audience is the need of the hour.

For some people, it could be calming and therapeutic to write because they love writing.

Writing can be liberating. Letting people know your thoughts in words is a completely distinct feeling altogether.

It can help some people step out of their comfort zones.

A blog to promote your business can be a great way to know about your customers and their preferences.

A blog for your business can be an amazing way to promote your business within a budget. This is a cost-effective promotion method that helps increase sales.

Knowing Your Audience

know your audience

Know Your Audience.

Getting to know your target audience and what they like to read and search for is important. Their opinions, validation, and even criticism through comments, likes, and shares are crucial.

This is because the views and the validation are a way of knowing what your audience likes and what they like to read. This helps with better ranking on the web.

Creating a contact page on your blog would be a grand step because this makes your audience to connect with you. They can reach out to you to get their queries resolved.

In the contact section or page, you can post the official email address or a contact number. You can have a chatbox on your blog to enable your audience to reach out to you straight away.

You could also get them to sign up for your newsletters by using their email addresses. Newsletters enable you to send any information that you want your audience to know. You can do some polls or quizzes on your blog, soliciting your audience’s opinions on topics of their interests. You can ask your audience to voice their opinions in the comment section of the blog.

Writing Content for a Blog

Writing Content for a Blog

Writing content for a blog includes writing on topics that interest a large audience. You can use it to promote your products if you’re doing it for your business. Selecting proper keywords to write your articles is important for it to rank on Google.

Whether you are a professional writer or a novice, note down some important points before writing a blog. It gives you a basic overview of what to write and how to write.

When you note down your points beforehand, it leaves very little scope for you to miss out on anything that you wanted to cover in your blog.

After noting down your thoughts, you can always search the web to do some research on the topic.

Make sure to cover all the topics that are of relevance.

You should prefer smaller sentences and paragraphs.

Reading huge lines and paragraphs would only bore your audience. This can make them disinterested and cause them to leave midway.

A blog should begin with an introductory paragraph so that the audience becomes aware of what they are about to read.

While writing paragraphs, check that they have accurate headings matching the content. Try to give a brief run-through of the paragraphs.

Creating a category option within the blog will help viewers to navigate to different topics with ease. Categorization of different topics will help create a structure for the blog and will improve its outlook.

Creating a table of contents will help the viewer to look at the sketch of the post on the blog.

After creating a post you should promote it on different social media platforms to gain traction.

You need to make sure that you are checking the spelling and grammar and using the right punctuation.

Imagine posting a blog with wrong spelling and grammar. It would make your audience lose interest in your article and they would drift away from it.

You can use different tools to check grammar, spellings, or even plagiarism. Grammarly is one of the best tools which you can use online or offline to get all these tasks done with ease.

It helps in correcting your tone of writing and all the grammatical errors.

You can add images or any other relevant infographics to make a post more interesting and attractive.

Images and infographics are pleasing to the eyes. An appealing image or an infographic can keep your audience hooked to your article.

Remember, in everything you do and want to succeed, consistency is the key. Posting your articles regularly is essential to create a flow and to keep your audience engaged.

For example, if you post once or twice a week but then you go MIA (MIA is “Missing in Action”) your blog will lose its ranking. You will lose your subscribers and audience. With the competition being so intense you wouldn’t want to mess it up because of the lack of consistency.

How to Promote Your Blog?

How to promote your blog

Creating content for your blog is one part. Reaching out to your target audience is the most important part.

All research and writing would go down the drain if it is not promoted well.

If the people don’t find and read what you have written then there is no point in writing it and publishing it on the internet.

Millions of people are always searching for something on the internet. You should use easy and popular keywords to write your blogs. Your blogs will have a good ranking. It will start appearing in top suggestions on search engines. A well-written article will keep its readers hooked to it. This will reduce the bounce rate.

Creating social media handles would make the promotion much easier.

People use Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms every minute.

A blog could be one of the best ways to promote your business. You can get into a contract with some good media influencers. They can promote your products and services on their social media profiles. Social media influencers are people with a good subscriber base. They have a good reach out in their niches.

People trust in them. They look up to them for their reviews and experiences.

Content creators help in weaving nice content around your niche. Good content is important to rank soon on Google searches. It can improve traction and conversion. You can earn decent money using these methods.

Promoting in the age of social media just takes the right resources and well a click.

Your work should be interesting and different so it can create curiosity in readers and make them read more about it.

Reaching out to more and more people for supporting your blog could be one way of your blog promotion. Don’t hesitate in sharing your content with your family, friends, and friends of friends. They can further help you by sharing the content with their acquaintances.

It just takes stepping out of your comfort zone. Once the word spreads the views pour in.

Being active on social media accounts let you know more about your viewers and their preferences. Through social media, you can connect with them and develop a strong relationship with them. There are a huge number of platforms available where one can promote their blogs like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Conclusion on How to Create Blog Content

Once you get a hang of writing blogs you will understand the effort and hard work that goes behind writing a simple blog. Usage of proper keywords, grammar, and punctuation are of the utmost importance.

You should use all these content curating tools to curate wonderful content. This well-curated content can make you reach out to your target audience and achieve your goals.

In-depth research on a topic is important because the blog gets posted on the web and is accessible to everyone. Writing content with half knowledge could be as dangerous as writing with no knowledge of the topic.

Creating content for a blog is time-consuming and tedious but if it gets the right amount of validation, it is all worth it.

If you are particular about the growth of your blog which you should be, then keyword research and planning should be your primary focus.

Focusing on your target audience and their demographics and their interests are important.

Creating quality content would draw more traffic to the blog.

Keep on doing regular research. Remain updated with the latest happening in the world of the internet. This should help you in realigning your goals. The competition is fierce in the blogging space. To succeed you will have to toil hard but with proper research and planning.

Always keep the comments section on for receiving feedback on how to improve your blogs, what topic could you write on next, and any changes in UI/UX.

Being open to criticism and adjusting to the constantly changing environment will lead you to the path of success.

Listen to your audience and try to attract new customers with your unique style of writing.

Anyone could write long paragraphs and go on about a specific topic but thinking with a creative mind and adding a unique touch to the regular topic could help gain more traffic and better traction.

Being consistent and attracting customers should be your primary goal. You should also remain open to bring in the change according to the situation, growth, validation, and criticism.

Focus on expanding your views and opinions by researching or talking to people with a different and open mindset. This may lead you to generate new ideas which can be too rewarding. The usage of smartphones has grown up phenomenally. Internet access has reached almost every corner of the world. The entire world is now digitally connected. We can now get any information with just a click of a button from almost anywhere.

mobile phone users worldwide
Phone Users in the World from 2013 to 2019
Source: The Statistics Portal Website:

The data by shows the exponential growth in Mobile Phone users worldwide. According to the latest data, mobile phone users worldwide are over 5 billion.

There is no sighing the fact that good content is the key to success. Better a content, the chances of it getting eyeballs becomes more.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Hope you have taken notes of the important points we have covered in our article on “How to Write Blog Content.”

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