Hi Friends! In this exercise, we’re going to look at all the things we do every day without even thinking about it. These things are part of our daily routines.

You can download the PDF on Daily Routines. You should go through them to learn activities of our daily routine.

This document will help you find out more about what we do each day. Try to think of a few more daily routines that is part of your life.

Daily Routine - to iron your cloth
Daily Routine – To Iron Your Cloth

Step-by-Step to Discover Daily Routine Activities

Watching Our Day:

First, let’s think about what we do from morning to night. Like brushing teeth, getting dressed, and eating breakfast. These are all parts of our daily routines.

Finding More Things:

Now, let’s think about other things we do every day. Maybe it’s playing with a pet, doing homework, or reading before bed. These are all part of our routines too!

Sharing with Friends:

Talk to your friends about what you do every day. Maybe they do some of the same things, or maybe they do something different. It’s fun to see what your friends do as part of their daily routines.

Thinking About Why:

Why do we do these things every day? Maybe it’s to stay healthy, to learn new things, or just because they make us happy.

This is a fun activity. You learn by recalling your daily routine activities.

Download the PDF – Daily Routines

alarm goes off
to arrive late
to brainstorm creative ideas
to brew coffee or tea
to brush your hair
to brush your teeth
to button your shirt
to buy groceries
to call a friend
to call a friend/your family
to catch the bus
to catch the train
to check social media
to check the time
to check the weather forecast
to check your emails
to clean a mirror
to clear the table
to close a door
to cook dinner
to declutter a space
to do a crossword puzzle
to do a diy project
to do a morning stretch
to do a puzzle
to do a quick home workout
to do a skincare routine
to do a workout routine
to do breathing exercises
to do homework
to do household repairs
to do laundry
to do online shopping
to do the housework
to do yoga/stretch
to do/wash the dishes
to drink a glass of water
to drive
to dry your hair
to enjoy a hobby
to exercise
to feed pets
to feed pets
to feed the dog/cat
to finish work
to floss your mouth
to get dressed
to get up
to go home
to go out with friends
to go to a cafe
to go to bed
to go to school
to go to work
to greet someone
to groom pets
to hammar a nail
to have a break
to have/drink tea or coffee
to have/eat breakfast
to have/eat dinner
to have/eat lunch
to iron a shirt
to iron clothes
to leave the house
to leave work
to listen to a motivational podcast
to listen to a podcast
to listen to music
to listen to the radio

to make a grocery list
to make the bed
to meditate
to mop the floor
to open curtains/blinds
to organize digital files
to pack a lunch
to pay bills
to plan meals
to plan meals for the day
to plan tomorrow’s tasks
to play a board game
to polish your shoes
to practice a language
to practice an instrument
to practice mindfulness meditation
to put on make-up
to put the children to bed
to read a book
to read a chapter of a book
to read a newspaper
to relax with a cup of tea
to repair your phone
to reply to messages
to review finances
to review goals
to review schedule
to rinse your mouth
to shave
to smile at yourself
to start work
to stick a paper
to stretch your body
to sweep the floor
to take a deep breath
to take a nap
to take a nature walk
to take out the trash / rubbish
to take vitamins
to take vitamins/supplements
to take/have bath
to take/have shower
to tidy up
to tidy up a surface
to tidy up living spaces
to tidy up workspace
to tidy up your almirah
to vacuum the house
to wake up
to walk or bike
to walk the dog
to walk the dog
to wash your face
to wash your hair
to wash your hand
to watch a movie
to watch a tutorial
to watch the news
to watch tv
to water indoor plants
to water indoor plants
to water outdoor plants
to water plants
to water the garden
to water the lawn
to work overtime
to write a note
to write a to-do list
to write in a gratitude journal
to write in journal


Wow, we learned a lot about our daily routines activities! We do so many things every day, and they help make our lives happy and healthy. Keep thinking about all the things you do every day and how they make you feel.

Daily routines are pretty cool, aren’t they?

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