• Description of components to manage AD
  • Using PowerShell
  • GPOs
  • DNS Server/Client
  • Active Directory environment
  • Automate everyday tasks

PowerShell is a smart and efficient way to manage Active Directory.

About This Book – Active Directory with PowerShell

  • PowerShell allows you to create and manage domains and organization units.
  • Advanced operations in Active Directory such as depromoting, promoting and recovering domain controllers of active directory, and using PowerShell to replicate AD objects.
  • This guide will help you unleash the automation potential of Active Directory environments.

This Book is For Whom?

This book will help you automate repetitive tasks in Active Directory Management using the PowerShell module. Experience in PowerShell is an advantage.

Important Takeaways

  • PowerShell allows you to manage user and computer accounts
  • PowerShell makes it easy to automate bulk operations, such as group removals and additions.
  • You can perform various queries against Active Directory to retrieve user, computer and group information in a more efficient and quicker way
  • Learn how domains, subnets and sites are managed
  • Perform complex operations like Domain Controller promotion/demotion
  • Learn how to automate replication checks and fine-grained password policy creation using PowerShell
  • Get to know more about DNS server management, record creation/modification/ deletion, and DNS client management with PowerShell
  • PowerShell can be used to automate DFS/R installation and configuration

Topics Covered in this Book

Windows PowerShell, a task-based command line shell, is growing in popularity every day. PowerShell is a time-saving tool that allows system administrators to manage Active Directory environments. End users also gain time savings by seeing their requests fulfilled quickly.

The book begins with a description of the software and components required to manage Active Directory using PowerShell. The book then explains how to create and manage users and computer accounts. It also shows you how to set up group policies and automate everyday tasks with simple examples. It also covers topics like GPOs and DNS Server/Client. You will also learn how to automate advanced operations to make them more efficient and faster. This book will teach you how to use PowerShell to manage Active Directory environments and give you all the knowledge required to automate daily tasks.

You can visit microsoft’s page for an overview on Active Directory.

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