Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook

Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook by Thomas Lee – This book contains more than 100 recipes with step-by-step instructions that teach you how to perform various server management tasks using PowerShell.

The third edition of Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook will help you develop a solid understanding of Windows automation tasks and get you ready for automating almost anything you need in your production environment.

You’ll also learn about scheduling scripts using Windows Task Scheduler and creating automated solutions for reporting events, monitoring performance, and configuring resources. Whether you are new to PowerShell or have been using it for years, we guarantee that these recipes will open up some great opportunities for making your server management tasks easier.

You will learn about techniques for using PowerShell with Windows Server 2019 and discover how to write code that interacts with other components of your infrastructure. This book also introduces you to System Center products, including Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) and Virtual Machine Manager.

It focuses on automating Windows administrative tasks and includes recipes that are specific to each version of Windows Server. By reading these recipes, you will be able to automate routine management tasks with confidence.

This is a cookbook-style introduction to PowerShell scripting from an operations perspective. If you’re working in an enterprise environment, then you’ll find a lot of information about using PowerShell for day-to-day administration and management tasks useful.

If you want to build upon your experience with PowerShell 2.0 and learn how to do advanced functions, automate daily system management tasks, or simply want a quick reference for administering Windows servers, then look no further than Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook.

Whether you’re a newbie who’s just getting started with automation in general or an experienced professional looking for some fresh ideas and best practices, there’s something here for everyone.

All of these recipes are written in an approachable style that will ensure you can get up and running quickly. Using proven methods, author Thomas Lee walks you through step-by-step instructions on how to complete complex processes.

You can visit Microsoft’s page to learn about PowerShell functions.

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