• Super story
  • Great characters
  • Full of action
  • Battle between Morgan’s people and nemesis
  • Bigger problems are yet to come
  • Morgan is far from real information
  • Discover if Morgan can defeat the Federal thugs

Avenging Home: A Novel (The Survivalist #7) by A. American

Avenging Home is A. American’s blockbuster Avenging Home, a group of survivalists battle an ex-colonel as well as armed criminals to protect their children.

Everything is fair in war and love However, when it comes down to protecting your children, nothing is off limits. The question is what is your limit?

An amazing story that connects two of the most controversial issues – gun rights and survivalism. It also introduces us to characters that we can’t not help but admire.

The story begins with a fantastic concept (survivalists are a group of survivors who take on an old soldier friend who kidnapped their children) and then combining the elements of romance, mayhem, mystery and patriotism-this is an exciting reading!

It will not let you go until you’ve finished it! An engaging tale that demonstrates the things that make America fantastic!

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