• An introduction to chair yoga
  • 4 complete sequence of yogas
  • Customize your routines
  • Progresses in difficulty as you become comfortable
  • Step-by-step guide

Chair Yoga by Christina D’Arrigo

Chair Yoga: Accessible Sequences to Build Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Calm by Christina D’Arrigo

While chair yoga may sound like a joke, it’s anything but. With its focus on seated postures that strengthen and stretch all your major muscle groups, you can get a great core workout while you sit there eating bonbons—and even if you’ve never set foot in a yoga studio, chances are good that these poses will be familiar to you.

If not, don’t worry: D’Arrigo leads students through precise movements, so even newbies can master their form. This routine is a smart choice if you have back problems because it takes stress off your spine without requiring you to lay flat on your back.

This guide from a certified yoga instructor provides chair-based routines to improve flexibility, core strength, and balance.

D’Arrigo outlines nine sequences that include both seated and standing poses in addition to simple breathing exercises.

Each sequence is offered on two different levels of difficulty—beginner (for those with little to no experience) and intermediate (for more advanced students)—so you can find something that works for your skill level. D’Arrigo also offers two 10-minute introductory practices called Power Poses that combine simple movements and specific breathing techniques designed to focus your mind on what’s most important – yourself.

This guide Chair Yoga by Christina D’Arrigo has everything you need to get started with chair yoga.

Chair yoga is a slower version of traditional yoga, with a slower pace and simpler moves that are modified to fit your body. Because it’s focused on stretching and flexibility, chair yoga is sometimes used as an introduction to other kinds of yoga.

It’s also called chair pose yoga or seated meditation. Chair Yoga differs from traditional yoga in three main ways.

It uses more basic poses, it can be done while sitting in a chair instead of standing on a mat, and there are no repetitions; each move is held from 1 to 5 minutes. So if you want to make things easier on yourself, try out some beginner-friendly Chair Yoga sequences.

Learn Chair Yoga Poses for Home Practice

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