• Charlie is a drug representative
  • She is super talented
  • An EMP hits the United States
  • The country goes in dark
  • Dark side of the society is revealed

Charlie’s Requiem: A Going Home (#1) by Angery American, Walt Browning

Then, in The Backwoods of North Carolina, Walt Browning has just had enough. He’s had enough of being given instructions on how to accomplish it by everyone else in his life.

After a fight between him and his friend Rebecca after a fight, he runs off into the woods, with no destination in mind other than to get away from his parents’ and Rebecca’s home for good.

As he hikes drinking whiskey straight out of a bottle, trying to not think about why Rebecca has left him, or the reason he stayed this long with her, or what will happen the next day when she discovers that he’s really gone forever. And then, all of a sudden Walt discovers something amazing.


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