• City hit by EMP attack
  • Charlie gets caught in the city
  • City degenerates into a chaos
  • Charlie attempts to avoid capture
  • Explore if Charlie and her group survives

Charlie’s Requiem: Democide (#2) by A. American, Walt Browning

Charlie is trapped within the city when it becomes chaotic following an EMP attack. Charlie is a high-paying pharmaceutical sales representative, but she is not an expert in survival or preparing.

In an emergency , it is either do or die, she quickly realizes that the authorities of Washington are working to change her perception of it.

Her life has transformed into an endless struggle for freedom, while she tries to avoid being taken over by the agents of the new government.

They’re seeking to escape out of the city with millions in an environment that is where food, medicine, and the law of the land are gone. Are Charlie and her crew be taught how to be able to survive? Or will their inexperience end up being fatal?

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