• City becomes a war zone
  • Charlie struggles to survive gangs
  • She and her companions deal with corrupt government agents
  • Shortage of food supplies
  • Continous risk of capture
  • Story of betrayal, pain, and death

Charlie’s Requiem: Resistance (#3) by A. American, Walt Browning

It is the site of the conflict. Charlie and her companions must combat the groups and corrupt government officials who are determined to steal the wealth of the country.

Do they wish to run off to the country and every neighborhood turning into an opportunity to be snatched away, and every house posing an entrapment? Do they want to stay and stand up to the oppression that is the structure?

The diminishing supply of food and the daily risks of being snatched are straining the body. The consequences of mistakes could be fatal and the pressure of being constantly in danger is leading people to feel exhausted.

The feeling of being betrayed, hurt and death are not uncommon. Who do they seek help from when they have no other opponent?

Charlie’s life is set to change, and the choices she and her family take could affect their own deaths or to a brutal and swift death.

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