• Super story
  • Story of survival
  • Combat with tyrannical government
  • Retribution
  • Revenge and loyalty is depicted
  • Story is about hope

Charlie’s Requiem: Retribution (#4) by A. American, Walt Browning

Following the EMP destroyed the country, Charlie concentrated on survival. However, it didn’t pan out well.

Russians together with Chinese soldiers were currently part of the war and the loss of a number of her closest acquaintances to gangs sanctioned and controlled by the government brought her to the edge of desperation.

It was the time for us to stand back. The idea of fighting an oppressive regime seemed crazy, but every adventure starts with a single step. For Charlie along with her group the moment was today.

The punishment was scheduled to be imposed and, thanks to the support in the ever increasing Resistance and the determination to restore the country, it was becoming more achievable with every passing day. Charlie’s Requiem. The concept of retribution is a mix of things.

It’s about loyalty and revenge. But the most important aspect is optimism. Because if a tiny number of brave souls are willing to place everything in danger and risk everything, then it’s possible.

The future is what you make it. Charlie wanted to create it one shot at an time.

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