• Disturbing events all around
  • Rumors of war
  • US economy bound to fail
  • Foreign banks being unloading Treasury Bonds
  • Rampant corruption everywhere

Cry Havoc by A. American

A true page-turner Cry Havoc by A. American: A real page reader, he is a regular reader of non-fiction and fiction books since he could remember.

He began reading at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. He claims that there’s nothing better than having an interesting story on your desk to make your time fly by and feel a variety of emotions all at the same time.

In terms of survival stories, he’s certainly one of those who would love to read about experiences of other people when they’ve been in the same situation, or in novels that tell the same situations in fictional fiction such as those depicted in films like Waterworld or The Stand by Stephen King for example.

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