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Decline and Decay by A. American, Alan Kay

As Americans, we are continuously bombarded by news stories as well as political rants, and a myriad of doomsday forecasts for every aspect of our lives.

Although many of these doom-and-gloom predictions are just fabricated nonsense, a few are grounded in actual facts. For instance, American writer Chris Weatherman’s newest work, Decline and Decay: Strategies to Survive the Coming Unpleasantness.

An editor who works for Huffington Post who writes under his name de plume Angery American (in the course of writing books, he has also written articles for publications like World Net Daily, Newsmax, Breitbart News and The Examiner) published an article inspired by very real scenarios of what could be the case if America becomes insolvent.

When the author was questioned about the process he used to come up the concepts. He explained that it was the result of research combined with common reasoning.

He does not hold any college degree in finance or economics but he enrolled in classes at night, and during the day , doing tasks such as mowing lawns and cleaning offices, which eventually led to him in the position he is at today almost financially self-sufficient with a five-year reserve of foods, emergency equipment and 10 gallons of monthly worth of gas stored away waiting for the worst to happen!

Visit angeryamerican.tv to learn more.

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