Dragonslayer (Wings of Fire: Legends)

Dragonslayer (Wings of Fire: Legends) by Tui T. Sutherland – The plot follows a young dragon named Winter. Winter is a NightWing dragon who has been confined to Dark Mountain, far away from her home and family. The reason she was exiled was because she is immune to Star Swallower’s flame; thus he could not control her to attack Turtle Island.

Once she got free from Dark Mountain, it was up to her if she would fly back home or try out life on a different tribe. She meets different creatures along the way and learns about their history, which helped her relate more with them.

In addition, learning more about dragons outside of her tribe helped Winter understand where she came from and why things were done in certain ways within each tribe. Overall, Dragonslayer left me on edge while I waited for what would happen next!

The series that originally inspired a revolution in chapter books, Warriors was created by Erin Hunter (who also wrote Seekers) before fans asked for more. The third series, after Seekers and Survivors, Wings of Fire takes place in a world where dragon’s have become extinct.

In an attempt to keep them safe from humans and other threats that could easily destroy them; they live in a fantasy land surrounded by lava pools. After many years, one hatchling has finally made it out of his egg; he is one with wings who is able to fly above all else, which makes him very special among all dragons because only some are born with wings. He embarks on an adventure, trying to discover more about himself and what it means to be alone. Will his tribe accept him?

Dragonslayer (Book 1) is an okay beginning to a series. The book’s strength lies in its premise and potential. The action kept me interested in where I wanted to see it go. However, certain areas fell flat for me (especially character development).

Overall, it was a pleasant read, but not one that I can really recommend. On a positive note, Tui does set up for a compelling battle between two characters we care about at the end of the novel – nicely done.

This book is excellent and has many great points about overcoming obstacles that seem to be an impossible task to complete. The main character, Moonwatcher, and her dragonets are each in their own trials that they must face on their journey to becoming a full member of their tribe.

As Moonwatcher grows as a person she realizes that even though things might look bleak at times there’s always something one can do in order to overcome those obstacles; not by fighting all out against them, but by facing them head on and doing what you can for your friends and for yourself.

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