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Embrace Yoga’s Roots by Susanna Barkataki

Embrace Yoga’s Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice by Susanna Barkataki

When practicing asana, align your body. When practicing karma, align your mind.

B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga can be both physical and mental, but we often neglect one while focusing on the other.

Drawing on personal experience and some of yoga’s greatest gurus, Embrace Yoga’s Roots by Susanna Barkataki encourages us to deepen our practice by balancing physical and spiritual challenges with self-reflection and compassion towards others, in order to live a meaningful life with clarity and equanimity.

Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice by Susanna Barkataki guides you to go deeper into the yogic practice.

I’ll take you with me on my own journey toward self-acceptance and help you explore your personal relationship with yoga, she says in her introduction.

While her message is an uplifting one, it’s also honest and, at times, even painful. In sharing her story of how she got into teaching yoga after escaping a near-death accident, Barkataki shows how being vulnerable isn’t always easy, but always necessary.

She encourages students to dig deep into their pasts to find their histories as well as release their regrets, anger and other negative emotions that can hold them back from practicing yoga in a meaningful way.

Every yoga pose has a corresponding mantra, or prayer, and there are many translations of what those mantras mean. In other words, each pose can be more than physical; it can also be a form of meditation.

Susanna Barkataki explains how to turn your practice into spiritual study. She encourages you to explore ways to understand that each posture exists on multiple levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

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