• Morgan has been through a lot
  • Morgan deals with unscrupulous neighbors
  • He deals with nefarious activities of the federal government
  • He rebuilds community with the help of the US army
  • Morgan and his group suffer huge losses
  • Morgan is getting pushed into a new fight

Enforcing Home (The Survivalist #6) by A American

To withstand the possibility of a social crisis, it’s essential to be ready. But what are you to do if your preparations are not enough? Enforcing Home is a part of The Survivalist Series by A American.

Post-apocalyptic novel will bring readers on a mission to survive the effects of the global economic downturn that leaves no law enforcement force or medical facility, and no regional government.

The person must take care of themselves as they attempt to discover ways to live in a world that is not secure and peace. In this, they might be forced to make difficult decisions regarding the safety of their family members as well as their own security.

The Enforcing Home launched on the 28th of February the year 2015. It tells the story of Travis and Jamie who have to deal with the anxiety of coming back from the devastation caused by tragedy, and also protecting their loved ones from more devastating catastrophe.

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