• Collapse of power grid
  • Increasingly unstable society
  • Unimaginable challenges

Forsaking Home: A Novel (The Survivalist #4) by A. American

If you’ve ever wondered how they’d fare in the event of a catastrophe, Forsaking Home is the book ideal for you.

In the newest novel in The Survivalist Series, the author set out to take readers on a trip through the possibilities that could arise in the event that something devastating were to occur to our country and we became dependent upon our infrastructure to provide water, food, and security.

The aim of the author is to bring about an”ah-ha” moment when people think, I’ve never thought about it that way or I’m amazed it’s possible.

If you’re looking to read another Hunger Games or Divergent novel then Forsaking Home isn’t for you If you’re looking for something completely different, something that’s fresh and possibly thought-provoking take a look at Forsaking Home.

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