• Everyone including Morgan has difficult time
  • Park is attached
  • Loss of Bobbie
  • Community is at greater risk
  • Life has to go on despite numerous challenges

Home Coming (The Survivalist #10) by A. American

Home Coming provides an intriguing look at what might happen in the event that a pandemic spreading all over the world started to spread and decimated most of the human race.

The symptoms? They’re more frequently than you imagine including vomiting, fever , diarrhea bloody coughing, among other symptoms. However, there’s one important distinction that there isn’t a cure.

Doctors aren’t certain of how to prevent the disease from killing many millions. It’s not a long time prior to its appearance and it’s not even just a few minutes.

This is a fantastic method to add an interesting twist to survivalist stories since when we’re discussing diseases (or any other cause that has caused the death of thousands) and we do not have the luxury of having the ability to imagine things such as secret bunkers or stockpiles to safeguard their residents from the ravages of.

This means that there aren’t any secure areas to hide in and there’s no hiding place.

It’s easy to imagine that the people who purchase such books would be looking for entertainment by the thrill of escapewhich is why they’d prefer to look for alternatives.

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