PowerShell Cookbook: Your Complete Guide to Scripting the Ubiquitous Object-Based Shell

PowerShell Cookbook: Your Complete Guide to Scripting the Ubiquitous Object-Based Shell by Lee Holmes – PowerShell Cookbook takes a recipe-based approach to help you master PowerShell. Through more than 400 recipes and hundreds of code samples, you’ll learn how PowerShell interacts with other technologies, including programming languages like C#, .NET Framework classes, SQL Server databases, and Microsoft Web Services.

You’ll get clear guidance for how PowerShell can solve specific problems that arise in everyday IT environments. For example, if you want a robust solution for backing up your Exchange database server or want a handy way to convert CSV files into XML files or HTML tables without writing any code (or even opening Notepad), turn here.

It also covers advanced topics like accessing RESTful web services with Windows PowerShell and using PowerShell remoting effectively through a combination of graphical tools and scripts.

The best way to get started with PowerShell is to dive right in and start scripting. That’s where Lee Holmes’ PowerShell Cookbook, 3rd Edition comes in: It provides 300+ recipes that show you how to do anything and everything with PowerShell.

The book is a treasure trove of scripts that cover administration, development, automation, system administration, network administration and more. With a foreword by Windows PowerShell MVP Don Jones, Holmes’ cookbook will help you get up and running—and then teach you everything else you need for real-world success.

The PowerShell Cookbook offers a unique and powerful learning experience. Using more than 200 tasks and recipes, you’ll learn how to write scripts that work with any version of PowerShell, whether you’re using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

In addition, each recipe includes troubleshooting information that explains how and why something works—or doesn’t work—in a specific situation. In these cases, you’ll find suggestions for alternatives that might meet your needs more completely.

With more than 175 highly technical recipes divided into eight chapters, The PowerShell Cookbook is designed for use in a test-driven environment and will get you started with writing scripts for everyday administrative tasks as well as complex system administration scripting projects in no time.

This cookbook-style book is your complete guide to PowerShell scripting. Written by Microsoft MVP Lee Holmes, PowerShell Cookbook provides well-tested solutions for all of your PowerShell scripting needs, including step-by-step instructions for real world tasks.

Covering best practices and techniques for more than 120 practical recipes, you’ll find helpful code samples that can be easily incorporated into your own solutions.

Don’t spend a lot of time trying to piece together information from Microsoft’s official documents—get results fast with PowerShell Cookbook. Mastering Windows PowerShell 3.0: Exercises and Assessments by Leroy Fodor: Get comprehensive coverage of Windows PowerShell 3 in one concise guide!

You can visit Microsoft’s website to learn more about PowerShell.

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