• Action-packed adventure
  • Morgan and his family faces all the odds
  • Morgan and his crew are adept in survivalist tactics
  • They build a sustainable community

Resurrecting Home: A Novel (The Survivalist #5) by A. American

Majority users will find themselves interested and want to know more about every novel from A. American’s latest novel, Resurrecting Home. A novel from The Survivalist Series.

It is bound to be loved by those who enjoy The Walking Dead because it examines the day-to-day life of a person from a different angle that of an officer in the police force or a soldier.

Jim is the principal character. Jim is an agent in real estate and is trying to beat the pandemic that is sweeping the world. It’s not a case of stopping reading the book until you’ve read 3100 pages.

A reader is guaranteed to encounter surprises every few chapters which create suspense, as well as comic relief throughout.


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