• Introduction to science of yoga
  • Good coverage on yoga anatomy
  • Understand medical science behind yoga
  • Perfect your yoga poses
  • 30 asanas artwork
  • Learn simple and effective breathing techniques

Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson

Science of Yoga: Understand the Anatomy and Physiology to Perfect Your Practice by Ann Swanson

This is one of my favorites, because it explains how you can use yoga to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

The book lays out a guide to success in all aspects of your life. Swanson helps you discover ways to balance your body, mind and spirit so that you can find peace and harmony within yourself.

I’ve used her advice in my own life, and I swear by it! If you want to learn more about integrating yoga into your everyday routine without spending hours on end at a class or studio, pick up a copy of Science of Yoga.

This comprehensive guide to yoga comes with over 50 illustrations and an array of detailed instructions for practicing a variety of poses.

Science of Yoga draws on physical, mental, and spiritual wellness to explain how yoga can enhance your practice as well as help relieve a number of ailments.

This book is great for beginners who are looking for more in-depth descriptions and visuals on how to approach various exercises. Though it’s not specifically tailored toward those with prior experience, it makes for a great reference guide regardless!

This book will give you a solid overview of yoga, so you can better understand and appreciate it from a scientific point of view.

It includes information on everything from the origins of yoga to why it’s an effective way to improve physical health and emotional well-being.

There’s also a strong focus on safety, making it an essential resource for any beginner or intermediate practitioner who wants to maximize his or her benefits while minimizing risks.

Science of Yoga is especially beneficial for those who have little knowledge of Eastern medicine, but it’s also suitable for more advanced practitioners.

The Science of Yoga is a wonderful book for anyone wanting to learn more about yoga.

From improving flexibility to learning about breathing and meditation, Swanson’s book is filled with easy-to-understand descriptions and illustrations.

If you are new to yoga or are looking for a little extra info on your favorite stretches, The Science of Yoga can be an excellent guide.

Ann Swanson, who writes for MindBodyGreen, is an incredible yoga teacher.

This book combines research and modern wisdom to deliver a truly transformational experience. You’ll learn everything from breathing exercises to energizing yoga poses and everything in between.

If you’re interested in learning more about yoga, but are intimidated by all of the technical language used on most websites, then you need to read Swanson’s work.

She presents a very clear picture of what yoga really is. After reading Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson you should have a much better understanding of why it works and whether or not it will help you achieve your goals – be they physical, mental or spiritual!

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