• Morgan knows the worse is yet to come
  • He diligently prepares for the emergency situations
  • Neighbors are unprepared
  • Morgan tries hard to keep his home secure

Surviving Home: A Novel (The Survivalist #2) by A. American

If you’re an avid reader of thrillers or simply looking for an exciting book to read Angery America’s first novel, Surviving Home, will please.

I was captivated by the tale that follows Tom as well as Nicole who have been left stranded at home following the terrorist attack that shut down New York City, and they’re not able to go out of Manhattan longer than 10 consecutive days.

The thing I love best about the book Surviving Home that it blends real-life situations with fictional ones. If you enjoy reading novels by authors such as Vince Flynn or Brad Thor and enjoy reading about their work Then you’ll be awed by Surviving Home.

The gripping book will have you the edge of your seat, waiting to find out more! You can purchase a copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble today!

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