Talons of Power (Wings of Fire) (Book #9)

Talons of Power (Wings of Fire, Book 9) by  Tui T. Sutherland In Talons of Power, all seven dragon tribes must join together to defend Pyrrhia from a new threat. As a result, dragons and their riders are forced to find common ground for once and cooperate on a large scale.

We see how each tribe operates, from how they fight in battle to how they live day to day. The result is an incredibly diverse group of characters with conflicting philosophies that still manage to work together for a greater good.

At last, Astrid is ready to tell her side of everything that’s happened since she joined Winter. She takes readers back to when she first flew onto Loki’s ship, and through her training sessions with Zippleback Pearl.

Fans who read Talons of Power will know that it’s not an easy road for Astrid; as she learns about her powers (not all of them are good) and finds out more about how her mother died. Written in a way that is easy for kids to understand, Talons of Power can be enjoyed by everyone.

I have mixed feelings about Talons of Power. The beginning was exciting and quick, but it slowed down significantly for a chunk in the middle. It felt kind of like a recap which I did not enjoy.

However, I was very glad to see those characters from Darkstalker! I loved those books and would have liked to read more about them (I may check out an anthology). Anyway, back to Talons… The ending was quite exciting (which is why I gave it four stars) and makes me want to start Mirror in her Eyes right away!

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