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Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses by Sage Rountree, Alexandra DeSiato

Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses: A Practical Workbook for Integrating Themes, Ideas, and Inspiration into Your Class by Sage Rountree, Alexandra DeSiato

If you’re interested in teaching yoga beyond just what’s in class, there are many excellent books available. Sage Rountree’s book is a guide on how to move beyond asanas. What is yoga really?

Is it just a pose, or something deeper? She gets into how yoga is practiced differently across different cultures and traditions. She discusses her philosophies on teaching practices that go beyond physical poses.

If you want to know more about yoga than just what’s presented in your current classes, then consider getting your hands on one of these resources.

This is a great yoga book for beginners. It teaches about alignment and why it’s important. It shows you how to move into poses with more ease, as well as which ones you should avoid due to physical limitations.

You’ll also find out how yoga works on a deeper level that goes beyond moving your body into certain positions. The full book is online, so there’s no reason not give it a read!

Every now and then, you’ll come across a yoga book that’s really special. The Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses is one of those books.

The new take on postures not only teaches people how to perform poses but also teach beginners how they can be used as therapeutic tools.

In addition, advanced practitioners will learn about additional elements like meditations, breath work and pre-class preparation sequences that can take their practice in new directions.

In short, if you’ve been looking for a way to deepen your experience with yoga beyond holding postures correctly, it’s time you read up on Sage Rountree and Alexandra DeSiato’s teachings.

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