The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire) (Book #5)

The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire) (Book #5) by Tui T. Sutherland – The last page was one that I wanted to read over and over again. It brought me back to a time when so many things had happened, but also ended in a way that I thought wasn’t even possible anymore.

The Brightest Night was one of my favorite books in Wings of Fire series and I will never forget it. Tui T. Sutherland is an incredible author who knows how to make her readers feel involved in every aspect of her book and make them become invested in each character throughout all five books, having you feel what they are feeling, see what they are seeing, think what they are thinking…I could go on forever, but there is just too much goodness to describe!

This particular book held lots of emotions for me, especially because it was Numi’s final chapter!

Tui T. Sutherland is a master storyteller. She has once again crafted an incredible tale in her Wings of Fire series that is full of plot twists, cliffhangers, plot development and character development that readers will fall in love with.

There are many important moments that I have enjoyed throughout all 5 books but some to note would be The Brightest Night, when Tsunami tries to break out of Shell Castle; Thorn’s first scouting mission with her friends; Sunny’s decision to break his blood vow; and Moonwatcher’s plan to get rid of Silver.

Each scene played out like it was described in a movie, as I had just entered into their world and could watch every moment play out before my eyes.

The best way to describe The Brightest Night would be in one word: Powerful. This book is packed with action, excitement, and intrigue, all contained within a high-intensity pace that allows readers to quickly fall into an enthralling story.

And even though there were two very distinctive story lines running at once throughout the book, I never felt lost or confused about who was doing what or where. Even if you haven’t read any other books in series, you’ll still be able to follow along easily!

If you enjoy action-packed adventures and/or stories filled with magical creatures and mythical powers, then The Brightest Night is definitely worth picking up. I guarantee it will not disappoint!

The Brightest Night is one of those books that will stop you from doing anything else until you have finished it. Luckily, I was sick and in bed with a fever when I started it, so it didn’t really matter what time I read as long as I did read!

This is one of my favorite books in the series so far, and one that fans are sure to love. While not perfect (and where would we be if they were?), there’s no denying that an enjoyable story shines through, full of great pacing and fun characters. Simply put, if you like dragons and magical adventures, then you need to start reading Wings of Fire right now!

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