• Full of themes, scripts, ideas and sequences
  • Consists quotes, poetry and philosophy
  • Guide to help with planning
  • Explore starting postures
  • Covers different yoga styles

The Inspired Yoga Teacher by Gabrielle Harris

The Inspired Yoga Teacher: The Essential Guide to Creating Transformational Classes your Students will Love by Gabrielle Harris

I love Harris’s approach to teaching. She presents a very balanced and practical understanding of yoga for people who want to both practice and teach it.

Her use of metaphor is particularly effective, as she teaches students how to understand their bodies, how they feel in certain positions, and why it’s important to respect those sensations.

Harris encourages her readers not just to perform difficult poses, but also accept whatever limitations they might have and adapt their practice accordingly.

Harris offers insights into everything from beginning a yoga career to teaching styles and more.

This book is for both beginners and advanced users, with simple poses explained in detail and pictures throughout.

Harris also includes study guides at the end of chapters to test your knowledge on each subject; I found that these quizzes were helpful because they forced me to remember what I read in each chapter.

Harris also offers ideas on how you can make money with yoga, which is important if you’re just starting out!

Overall, I highly recommend The Inspired Yoga Teacher if you’re interested in pursuing a yoga career! (This is my favorite of all.)

The perfect book for those who want to become a yoga teacher, but don’t know where to start.

It provides detailed information about every aspect of yoga from background and history, anatomy and physiology, studio set-up, marketing and financials, teaching theory and philosophy—even student advice.

Inspiring quotes from famous yogis are scattered throughout. Harris also explains how you can teach in your own way without conforming to other people’s styles or making a name for yourself copying someone else’s style.

She even teaches you how to market yourself as an authentic instructor. This book is by far one of my favorites on yoga! I learned a lot reading it! Highly recommended for anyone considering teaching yoga professionally.

The Inspired Yoga Teacher is a great resource for yoga teachers and advanced students. In it, Harris explores how to create a class that works towards your personal style while expanding on classical teachings.

She also shares exercises designed to help you quiet your mind and bring you into a higher state of consciousness while meditating. It’s an ideal book for anyone looking to deepen their practice as a teacher or student.

Available in both paperback and Kindle formats, The Inspired Yoga Teacher is one of our favorite yoga books out there—especially for those who are looking to learn about meditation techniques or ways to incorporate it into their existing practice.

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