The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire)

The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire) (Book #11) by Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent is an amazing book and it keeps readers guessing at every turn. The book is about a boy named Peril and how he faces many different obstacles while traveling to get to his brother, Prince Clay.

In addition, there are strong bonds between multiple characters in terms of friendship and loyalty. Overall, it’s a great book for anybody who likes an exciting fantasy novel that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end.

Vowing to keep his NightWing brother from going evil, Starflight organizes a dragon rescue mission. The NightWings were believed to have died off in a volcanic eruption twenty years ago, but Starflight found out that most of them survived and need their help.

Now he must fly through volcanoes, deserts, and jungles to bring dragons home in time for winter. Will Starflight save his brother or doom him forever? Readers will be drawn into an epic adventure as they follow each chapter’s emotional ups and downs. They’ll come away with lessons about friendship, loyalty, selflessness and more as they immerse themselves in The Lost Continent.

The first time I read through The Lost Continent was in 2011, so I was eager to see how my memory panned out. The answer? It’s a very good book and is among my favorite Wings of Fire books.

I mean, it has pretty much everything you could want in a book: ridiculous character interactions (such as when Puff goes into an emo rant against Turtle), amazing fight scenes (between an awakened ice crystal and a monster), exciting battle tactics (such as when Tsunami changes his strategy in mid-battle with one word—sweet), and complicated story arcs (wherein Shell confronts her dad).

There are plenty more reasons, but those are probably just some of my favorites from that particular book.

Picking up after The Dark Secret (Book #10), The Lost Continent, which is actually called Wings of Fire on its cover and spine, leaves us in a precarious position: Queen Scarlet’s murderer is finally exposed, but she can’t exact her revenge with him behind bars.

Her sister Ripley is forced to take action by freeing her husband from jail for an unspecified amount of time in order to prove his innocence – that only brings more problems into play, however.

Now we have an angry queen, a kidnapped princess (the one we all wanted dead from before) and a general who thinks he’s invincible – and I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see any good coming out of any of these situations.

There are so many feelings I have right now, words are not enough to describe them. Firstly, I should tell you that I am writing my review on a complete emotional high. That is what happens when you are reading a book as amazing as The Lost Continent (Wings of Fire) by Tui T. Sutherland.

This book had everything it needed to give me goosebumps and excitement, like all other books in Wings of Fire series did before it. Of course, there was no way for me to predict what would happen next or who would die or survive in battle from one moment to another; but then again, how could I? It’s like nobody can ever guess what will happen in an epic fantasy saga about dragons!

After discovering their powers in The Dark Secret (Book #10), Astrid, Max, and Winter begin to hone them at Redwall Abbey. But there is a new threat on their horizon—their families back home are being attacked by dragons, and they must find out why.

Astrid is also plagued by dreams that hint at a great evil far north of Salamandastron. However, they are given little time to figure it out as they race to Redwall’s aid in a journey that could change all of their lives. This thrilling tale is more than just an enthralling read: it’s an epic conclusion to one of literature’s most beloved series!

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