• Work reproduced from original artefact
  • Covers Jung’s ideas in detail
  • Good understanding of the unconscious
  • Easy to understand language
  • Good read on psychology

The Theory of Psychoanalysis by C. G. Jung

One of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s best known works, The Theory of Psychoanalysis is a study of one particular aspect of his psychology.

It focuses on how personal experiences develop into archetypes which play out in everyday life.

While it is considered a work on analytical psychology, there are numerous references to Freud’s work in psychoanalytic theory.

Published in 1912, its main themes include analysis as a means for psychological growth, traumatic events and their influence on personality development, mental complexes (an unconscious pattern of feelings toward an idea), dream interpretation, depression, complex cases from practice, treatment methods based on empathy and more.

Whether you find yourself reading it in hopes to learn more about psychoanalysis or not – many will find it enjoyable to read.

Once you have digested all its content, be sure to check out C. G. Jung books list for other great reads!

In answer to your question regarding what role did he played with Sigmund Freud? What was his input? Did he conduct analytic sessions? Did he treat patients with him in Vienna? Did they share office space while they worked together?

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