Windows PowerShell and Scripting for Beginners

Windows PowerShell and Scripting for Beginners: Complete Beginners Guide to learn Windows PowerShell and its Scripting by David Coding – This book will help you learn PowerShell, and it’s scripting from scratch in just a few hours.

You don’t need any pre-existing experience with programming or scripting language, as each step is explained with detailed screenshots of Visual Studio Code and Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE). Furthermore, several practical examples are provided that you can use right away.

By the end of this book, you will have learned how to install and configure everything that is required for creating great automation scripts using Windows PowerShell 5.0.

This book is a complete guide for those who want to learn PowerShell with ease. PowerShell is an object-oriented scripting language created by Microsoft, and it is being widely used for configuration management.

This book will enable you to get an in-depth knowledge of how you can use PowerShell scripting and Automation from Windows Server 2012 R2. With a proper execution of all concepts, you will be able to learn how you can work with Windows operating system more efficiently than ever before.

This book has been perfectly compiled for beginners as well as for intermediate users. If you are willing to know everything about windows operating system, then go ahead and grab your copy today!

Windows PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language designed for system administrators.

The purpose of Windows PowerShell is to provide an environment where administrators can perform administrative tasks on local and remote Windows systems. This book helps you get started with PowerShell version 2.0 by guiding you through every aspect of working with Windows PowerShell, from fundamentals to advanced concepts.

By writing in a tutorial style, author David Coding guides readers through hands-on experience with practical examples that reinforce core skills as well as teach more advanced features and techniques.

You will learn how PowerShell works from both the command line and in scripts, plus gain insight into automating repetitive tasks and building reusable tools.

If you are a beginner, who is willing to learn Windows PowerShell and its scripting basics, then David Coding’s Windows PowerShell and Scripting for Beginners would be of great help.

The book begins with basics of PowerShell and its scripting which can be easily understood by beginners with no technical background. All in all, Windows PowerShell is an essential skill that you will want to master if you plan on doing any kind of development or administrative work in Microsoft’s world.

This book offers a good starting point for those interested in getting started. It also comes complete with some examples that show off what can be done with these skills once they have been acquired.

You can visit Microsoft to learn about PowerShell – Formatting, aliases, providers, comparison.

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