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Yoga After 50 For Dummies by Larry Payne

Yoga is a fantastic way to stay fit, but as you age, it can be challenging to master some of yoga’s postures.

Learn everything from basic moves like balancing poses to advanced poses like crow pose in Yoga After 50 For Dummies.

This book includes instructions on beginner level poses such as Downward Facing Dog and stretches. These gentle yoga workouts help increase flexibility in your muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons to prevent injury.

Once you’re confident doing these basic moves, try some intermediate level postures, such as Warrior Pose.

You’ll learn how to do chest-openers that tone your upper body by lengthening your muscles without overstretching them so they are tight in that area after workouts.

Yoga has many health benefits, including improving your posture, reducing stress, boosting moods, encouraging relaxation and quieting anxiety.

In fact, yoga may be able to help you feel better even when you’re not actively doing a pose.

That’s because it teaches you how to focus on relaxing each muscle group while standing or sitting still (though some poses do require movement). As a result of all that focus on relaxation, most people who do yoga regularly report feeling more relaxed in their daily lives.

And while yoga’s popularity is growing among baby boomers—as are their bodies—the practice also is becoming more accessible to a wider range of ages as teachers strive to make classes friendly to practitioners with different needs and abilities.

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