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Yoga for Witches by Sarah Robinson

Witches, just like everyone else, need to stretch. In Yoga for Witches by Sarah Robinson, you’ll learn a powerful sequence of postures that will keep your body flexible and strong, improve circulation (which is key for healing spells), and help you stay calm.

With 11 poses total, including Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) and Half Shoulderstand (Ardha Salamba Sarvangasana), you can stay balanced in every sense of the word.

Sarah Robinson’s book provides detailed instructions on how to do a variety of yoga poses, as well as information about different stretches, breathing techniques, and meditations.

Witches often practice spells when they want to achieve specific outcomes, such as love or money. These spells can sometimes take a lot out of you mentally and physically.

This book will provide a way for witches to help clear their mind and body of any negative energy that might have been collected during spell-casting.

This way, witches can recover more quickly after completing an important spell.

It will also be helpful in maintaining a regular exercise routine which can be beneficial to health in general, helping with high blood pressure, stress relief and reduction of pain symptoms such as arthritis.

Note: As always when practicing yoga or magic, be sure to perform a clearing ritual before diving into any new magical exercise—and use it regularly as well. For best results, perform every third day. Your body will thank you!

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