• Covers human anatomy
  • Effect of human anatomy on body’s biomechanics
  • Good book for yoga teachers
  • Covers upper body – shoulder, arms and hands
  • Implications of asymmetries on a person

Your Upper Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

Your Upper Body Your Yoga: Including Asymmetries & Proportions of the Whole Body by Bernie Clark

The moment you open up Your Upper Body, Your Yoga: Including Asymmetries & Proportions of the Whole Body by Bernie Clark you’ll notice that it’s a hefty read.

But that’s exactly what makes it great. It’s loaded with knowledge from someone who has spent a lifetime in his field and who, as I noted earlier, is one of my absolute favorite yoga teachers.

This isn’t a book you’re going to breeze through; take your time with it and treat yourself to plenty of beginner yoga sessions as well as intermediate ones to really hone in on what Bernie is teaching.

After all, he has many tips for advanced users too—you just have to read slowly and keep returning to different sections if certain poses pose trouble for you.

This is my favorite book on yoga. It focuses on individual movements and how they relate to your overall body structure, muscle groups, and posture as a whole.

An important aspect of Ashtanga is that each pose is approached individually, which can often lead to asymmetries and unnecessary strain on joints.

This book helps you correct these issues and give attention to different areas of your body so you can be sure you’re using each muscle in a beneficial way.

If you’re a beginner and feeling lost in all of the information available, I recommend reading through Bernie Clark’s book on yoga.

The focus is on helping beginners find their way with a comprehensive introduction to different poses for different body types.

It’s one of my favorite resources as a yoga instructor because it covers everything from how to create a practice plan, finding your mat routine and even instructions for teachers looking to take their own classes.

Whether you are just starting out or want something more advanced, there is something for everyone in Bernie Clark’s book.

I also like that it touches on anatomy basics so that you can understand why certain poses help each part of your body with unique benefits (and limits). * Disclaimer: This book does not have pictures.

Does your upper body dominate your yoga practice? Then you’ll benefit from reading Bernie Clark’s classic text, Your Upper Body, Your Yoga.

It was one of my favorite yoga books growing up in Los Angeles and continues to be read widely today.

It is an easy-to-read book that discusses how your spine relates to each part of your body (including asymmetries & proportions) as well as muscular imbalances and other various areas of interest for yoga practitioners.

You will also learn about common injuries associated with doing yoga improperly over time. The illustrations are top-notch and help make what could be a difficult subject easy to understand for anyone who practices or teaches yoga.

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