• Collapsed power grid
  • No electricity
  • No running water
  • No internet
  • Unsure of when the normalcy would be restored
  • Morgan makes attempts to get back home to his family

Going Home: A Novel (The Survivalist #1) by A. American

A touching look at an unimaginative world and a planet destroyed by pollution and nuclear war.

In the movie Going Home, it’s been many years since America has seen an actual man, or even a man in fact.

The air can be dangerous to breathe in , and only the ugly, short-lived , clones of women are allowed to wander around the streets looking for the perfect rodeo.

There is an end to the world, and so are the male protagonists of our tale are models of the famous American historic characters. The only one named Billy Pilgrim makes it back home — back to Earth. However, the majority of them never get any further than their respective places on Mars or Venus.

In spite of its shortcomings, however, I found Going Home to be a pleasant read, featuring excellent characters, but without much moralizing regarding environmental issues. It felt like it was a novel Tom Robbins might have written when the author had consumed more booze in his youth (that I got my impression).

Although the title Going Home might sound , the facts here are real and can be seen when looked at through the lens of science. This is a great indicator for both: Angry American (the author) and the novel Going Home (the book).

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